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    Thailand Hiking & Trekking in a real undisturbed cloud forest and jungle. Evenings will be in your private bamboo bungalow in the National Park.

    "Offering more than Tours and Adventures, we offer Experiences"

    Sharing Thai Culture and Nature in a Meaningful and Responsible Way Since 1990.

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    Why we do tours and adventures Why we are different Our eco-culture-nature friendly policies
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    This is an all exclusive Thailand tour for those who like the outdoors, hiking, trekking and meeting friendly hill tribe people. We can adjust the trekking to any difficulty you like from very easy to hard. Length of time for hiking can be adjusted from just 30 minutes and up to 6 hours depending on the trail you choose. This makes this trek excellent for children, seniors as well as the very fit. Most of the trails are from 1500 to 2500 meters above sea level, which means the temperatures are much cooler than the normal trekking areas in Thailand.

    Your guide during the hiking in the cloud forest and jungle is a local Karen Hill Tribe man who speaks excellent English. he can tell you about all the plants, animals, birds and wild flowers you will encounter during the trek. You will also tour his village and meet his family and friends.

    Here is a sample tour itinerary, which can be changed to meet you needs.

    Day 1:
    We will meet you at the airport or train station in Chiang Mai and take you to your selected accommodations (see accommodations page). Or you can take the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, which is clean, safe, comfortable and fun. We can arrange both the air or train tickets for you.

    Day 2:
    If coming by overnight train you will arrive in Chiang Mai around 7 AM. We will take you to a buffet breakfast, which includes all you can eat Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Western food. If flying in we will meet you at the airport.
    If you spent the evening in your selected accommodations in Chiang Mai, breakfast will be served to you there.

    This morning we depart Chiang Mai in a private air conditioned vehicle with your guide and driver for the 90 minute ride to your private bungalow in the Park. The altitude here is around 1500 meters so the temperature is nice and cool in the evening.

    Here you will meet your local guide and travel by vehicle up the mountain to the cloud forest above 2000 meters. You will then carry a lunch with you of sandwiches, fruit, snacks and water in your small day pack for a 3 hour hike through the forest and jungle. Your guide will point out all the wild plants, animals, birds and flowers to you. Some of the animals spotted on the trail are civet, sorow goat, asian black bear (very rare) and deer. This is also the home of the Green Tailed Sunbird, which is found no other place in the world and a common resident.We then return to the bungalows for a delicious Thai dinner and evening camp fire before retiring.

    See the video below
    Day 3:
    This morning we will have a Thai breakfast at a local clean restaurant in the park then a 2 hour hike to visit a waterfall. From here your guide will take you to tour his village and visit the coffee shop and see how they roast coffee and then the trout fish farm. We will then have lunch and visit the Hmong Hill Tribe Village and market where we will purchase fresh organic vegetables for dinner tonight. We then return to the bungalows to relax while your guides prepare a Thai dinner with several dishes and barbequed rainbow trout. You can join in if you like and learn how to prepare and cook Thai food.

    See the video below

    Day 4:
    This morning after breakfast you will have 2 option.

    • Option 1: We can take a 5 hour hike in the jungle, lunch and shower before retuning to Chiang Mai.
    • Option 2: We will drive to a very large waterfall excellent for swimming and wading. Here you will also enjoy a picnic lunch of barbeque chicken and papaya salad and fruit at the falls. We then return to Chiang Mai.
    See the video below

    We return you to Chiang mai and selected accommodations. or we can transfer you to the train station for the evening train baclk to Bangkok or to the airport for your flight back to Bangkok.

    Because we do only private tours and soft adventures we need to ask a few questions.
    After you fill out the form below we will reply with a detailed itinerary and price.

    Please fill out the form below and click on the submit button

    How many Adults in your party?
    How many teens age 12 - 17 in your party
    (25% discount when traveling with adult)

    How many Children 11 years old or younger in your party?
    (50% discount when traveling with adult.)

    What type of accommodations do you prefer?
    I would like air tickets
    Bangkok - Chiang Mai Via:

    Baggage Weight:

    If flying Thai Airways select:

    I would like air tickets
    Chiang Mai - Bangkok Via:

    Baggage Weight:

    If flying Thai Airways select:

    I would like Overnight train tickets
    Bangkok - Chiang Mai
    I would like Overnight train tickets
    Chiang Mai - Bangkok


    Please let us know when you plan to be in Thailand and how many days along with any other interests in Thailand not mentioned above and any questions you may have in the box below.

    Your name:

    Your E-mail address (required):

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    A Great Thailand Experience

    Now you can enjoy your own private 2 bedroom 3 bath townhouse in Chiang Mai. This is great for families or two couples. You will also enjoy day trips to nearby famous temples, Doi Inthanon National Park, private long tail boat trip on the Ping River, elephant riding and visit hill tribe villages. Your English speaking Thai host will do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry for you when requested. You can eat dinner out or your host will cook for you. You will have a choice from a large menu of Thai or Western food. You can even cook with your host and learn how to prepare and cook Thai food. Your host will be available 24 hours a day sleeping in her own room at the townhouse. Click on the picture or text for details.

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