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  • All Thailand Experiences logo

    All Thailand Experiences.

    Experience Life on a Thai Organic Farm.

    Be a Farmer For a Day

    Sharing Thai Culture and Nature in a Meaningful and Responsible Way Since 1990.

    Please take notice that any text that is underlined is clickable to photos and more information.

    Being a Thai Farmer banner

    Learn about organic farming by working with a Thai family in their fields.

    Farmer plwing field with buffalo
    • Plow using a buffalo.
    • How to germinate rice.
    • Rice Planting Methods.
    • Rice Harvesting
    • Rice Thrashing
    • Rice Milling
    • Fishing with a Net
    • Vegetable Planting Methods
    • Watering and Irrigation
    • Caring for Free Range Animals.

    An Organics Farmers Story

    Uncle Aart, 55-year-old Thai Man, and his family will be your teachers and host. He was a very poor farmer in the past as the cost for chemicals and fuel for his hand tractor to use in his fields took most of his profit. 5 years ago he stopped using chemicals, purchased a couple of chickens and ducks and a cow.

    2 years ago his pond was declared free of chemicals and he stocked it with a few fish. Today he has more than 100 chickens, 50 ducks, 8 cows , 6 buffalos, fully stocked Fish pond and grows several organic vegetables.

    About Your Experience

    We will meet you in Chiang Mai at your hotel or guest house and travel 35 minutes to Uncle Aart's organic farm. Your English speaking guide will translate as Uncle Aart explains the art of Organic Farming and the use of traditional farming tools. You will then change into Thai farmer clothes so your clothes do not get wet and dirty.

    Being a Thai Farmer for a day
    You will harvest organic vegetables from what ever is in season for your Thai lunch, gather eggs and try harvesting fish using a throw net. Don't worry if you don't catch any we will have already caught some for your to eat.

    As lunch is being prepared you will try your hand at plowing the rice paddy with a water buffalo. We then take a break and learn how to make papaya salad and enjoy lunch. served on banana leaves and water from bamboo cups.

    planting rice

    After lunch we go out to the rice field and plant rice seedlings and hoe a garden row and plant vegetable seed. We then feed the pigs and water plants already planted and growing.

    We then change back into clean clothes and return to Chiang Mai.

    Being a Thai Farmer for a day

    Only 8 persons on the educational experience of being a Thai farmer per group per day.

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