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    All Thailand Experiences logo

    All Thailand Experiences

    Scuba Diving in the Beautiful Andaman Sea of Thailand.

    Sharing Thai Culture and Nature in a Meaningful and Responsible Way Since 1990.

    We have many dive trips to excellent world class areas for both the expert or beginner lasting from 1 to 10 days. Includes 2 dives per day, lunches, all equipment and PADI professional dive leader, accommodations on beautiful Phi PHi Island, transportation from Phuket to Phi Phi Island and return. No more than 4 persons per leader. Night and wreck dives are also available.

    All instructors, dive leaders and dive masters are PADI professionals. Our instructors and leaders speak a wide variety of languages including Japanese, Swedish, Chinese, Danish, Norweigan, Dutch, German and English. We use only the best new equipment including Mares/Sherwood Regulators, Sub Gear/Mares dive jackets and buoyancy control devices.

    We also have live aboard dives to remote dive locations to see Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas.

    Here are photos of our beautiful 85 foot dive yacht.


    Our diving courses are:

    • Scuba Diver - This is for those who have yet to obtain a PADI certicifation. This includes class room instruction, swimming pool lessons and 2 dives lasting 2 days. This allows you to dive up to 12 meters with a qualified Divemaster.
    beginner lessons
    Open dive
    • Open Water - This course lasts 4 days and qualifies you to dive up to 18 meters. There will be 4 different dives.
    • Advanced Diver - This course lasts 2 days with 5 dives up to 40 meters in depth.
    • Rescue Course - You will learn about rescue prochedures and medic first aid.
    • Divemaster - Includes at least 40 dives.

    Dive locations and what to expect to see.

    • Bida Island - favorite local site for many divers at Phi Phi Island and famous for simply fantastic "Landscape-Diving". Soft Corals galore, breath-taking walls and coral formations, Scorpion Fish, Moray Eels, Sting Rays and more. 5 different sites of depths of 10 to 27 meters.

    Gorogrian FanScorpion Fish
    Gorgorian Fan and Scorpion Fish
    maya Bay Dive
    • Maya Reef - This is where the Hollywood movie "The Beach" was filmed. Superb "Island Diving" where towering cliffs of Phi Phi Ley Island block the wind and waves perfectly to provide dead calm waters. Below the water lies numerous reef fish in cascading rock/coral gardens with swim through tunnels and abundant soft corals, Gorgorian Sea Fans and Barrel Sponges. Maximum depth is 20 meters.
    Maya Bay Dive
    • Hua Ragate - This area is for all levels of experience in wall and bay with Sea Fans, Barrel Sponges, wide variety of soft and hard Corals, Moray Eels, Table Coral, Staghorn Coral. Depths of 1 to 18 meters.
    • Pi Leh Reef - Surprisingly dense rich coral reef with countless species of soft and hard corals, walls, rock bays and giant Gorgian Sea Fans. maximum depth is 18 meters.
    • Hin Lor - Perenially the number 1 dive site famous for it's sleeping Leopard Sharks in a open sea location for advanced divers only. Biggest variety of fish to be seen in the area. Excellent for underwater photographers. Depth is 5 to 18 meters.
    • Giant Rock - This site has 3 totally submerged rocks and home to millions of fish which provide interesting photo opertunities. Includes clusters of snowy-white soft corals covering fantastic giant walls and passages which make for a very special dive. Suitable for confident certified divers only. Depths up to 27 meters.
    • Karung Heng - Open Sea diving for advanced divers only and similar to Hin Lor. Includes Leopard Sharks, Moray Eels, Squid and Lion Fish are common. Depth is 5 to 18 meters.
    • Lohsama Bay - Loved by all level of divers for the shallow colorful corals, classic swim through passages and beautiful beach. Depth is 3 to 18 meters.
    • Hin Daeng and Hin Muang - This is an awesome area for diving between the months of Janurary to April. These 2 world class dive sites include numerous Whale Sharks, Mantas and many other different type of sharks.
    • Anemone Reef - Finger - like pinnacles which are Anemone covered. many varieties of Moray Eels, Lion Fish, schooling pelargies, Leopard Sharks are frequent. Occasional Whale Sharks are seen. Also in this area is a ferry wreck lying up in 30 meters of water. A very popular and beautiful dive spot.

    Important Notice:

    All divers and students must fill out and sign a Medical Statement and Medical History form. If you are pregnant, have a history of heart or lung problems, had chest surgery, Asthma, Epilepsy, blood disorders, high blood pressure or allergys please consult your doctor before signing up for diving.

    You will also have to sign a PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding form.

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