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    Sharing Thai Culture and Nature in a Meaningful and Responsible Way Since 1990.

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    Lisu Hill Tribe Dancers Cultural experiences are just one of the rewards when touring with us. You will be able to join in festivals such as hill tribe New Year, Flower Festival or Thai New Year. You can spend the evenings in a real Hill Tribe Village. If you prefer a Hotel or Resort our recommended accommodations are rich in Thai arcitecture and hospitality. Visiting a Hill Tribe Village

    Waterfalls at Doi Inthanon National Park All our trips into the county include some of the best natural scenery found anywhere in the Kingdom. From the tropical rain forest of North Thailand to the fantastic island beaches of South Thailand, we always try our best to avoid the normal tourist crowds. Although many tour groups may visit the same areas at times, we know when they will be there. We time are arrivals and departures so you can have that beautiful beach or mountain trail all to yourselves. Walking on the beach

    We believe in keeping in harmony with nature to preserve the forest and jungle. When visiting a Hill Tribe or Thai village, we respect their customs and traditions so you enjoy a rich cultural experience while helping to preserve their lifestyle. We have soft adventures from 3 to 9 days which includes elephant riding, white water rafting and camping.


    bamboo Bungalow at Doi Inthanon We also offer special tours such as bird watching while staying in your private bamboo bungalow with toilet and shower in the National Forest on Thailand's Highest mountain. Our expert local guide knows all the areas to view the birds from 400 to 2500 meters above sea level, which is home to a large variety of resident and migratory birds. Siler-eared Mesia
    Mr Dang identifies a bird from the call Looking at birds with local birders.


    If you enjoy shopping we take you where you want to go and stay as long as you like.

    If you only want to shop for Thai silk we will take you to many different silk shops. If you only want to shop for silverware, antiques, wood carvings or furniture, we will take you to as many shops as you like and not to a Silk shop.

    We won't rush or hurry you to visit shops you have no interest in.


    Thai gemsIf you have heard about the wonderful gemstones available in Thailand but are afraid to shop by yourself, fear not: we have a GIA-certified graduate gemologist available to accompany you if you would like to shop for high quality Thai gemstones. He is experienced as an appraiser with Bryant & Sons of Santa Barbara, California, USA and has a letter of recommendation from that prestigious gem dealer. If you want a professional appraisal for insurance or other purposes, he has the portable laboratory needed to accomplish that task as well.

    Have questions about Thailand and our tours and soft adventures?
    We will be happy to answer them for you just click on this text.

    When you are ready to reserve your accommodations and festival tour or design your own excursion, fill out the Custom Excursion Request form or contact us directly at Please include when you plan to be in Thailand, how many persons in your party and type of room you prefer (single, double, tripple, or twin).

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