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    All Thailand Experiences.

    Our Thailand unlimited Golf Package Course

    Hole 1 through 9 at Chiang Mai Royal Golf Club

    Please take notice that any text that is underlined is clickable to and more information.

    Click on the picture of each hole for a larger view.


    Out of Bounds

    Sand Bunker


    Key: Yardages from tee are from plate market, shown in red. Yardages from green are from centre front of green, shown in black.

    Pro Tip : Drive to the right of left bunker or between left and right bunkers. On 2nd shot, use enough club to reach the green at right to avoid three bunkers at left of green.

    PAR 4 HS 11 BLUE 396 WHITE 369 RED 316 YARDS

    Hole 1

    Pro Tip : OB at left of fairway. Try to avoid hooked shot and drive toward left of the bunker. Use enough club on your 2nd shot to carry over a pot bunker at left as green is long and receptive.

    PAR 4 HS 17 BLUE 361 WHITE 335 RED 286 YARDS

    Hole 2

    HOLE 3

    Pro Tip : Beautiful per three but difficult to select proper club. It looks like hitting down hill but not. Wind is the main factor for selecting your right club. If hitting against the wind allow one more club and approach green at left that has big landing area.

    PAR 3 HS 9 BLUE 160 WHITE 139 RED 115 YARDS

    Hole 3

    Pro Tip : Long par four. Try to have a perfect drive towards right bunker. Avoid three bunkers at right on 2nd shot.

    PAR 4 HS 1 BLUE 438 WHITE 410 RED 360 YARDS

    Hole 4

    HOLE 5

    Pro Tip : Aim your drive to the twin trees at left as fairway slopes down from left to right. Be aware of water trail running along the right side of fairway. Aim your 2nd shot to the big tree at left that has plenty of handing area. Uphill approach on the 3rd shot and avoid pot bunkers guarding the preen at both left and right.

    PAR 5 HS 5 BLUE 563 WHITE 542 RED 482 YARDS

    Hole 5

    HOLE 6

    Pro Tip : The green is long and receptive. Allow one more club to reach the green and to pass two bunkers at right. The pot bunker at left is also dangerous and very high.

    PAR 3 HS 3 BLUE 202 WHITE 171 RED 129 YARDS

    Hole 6

    HOLE 7

    Pro Tip : Long hitter can drive short cut to the left of three bunkers in the middle of fairway. Others should lay up 1st shot at front of left bunker which is about 205 yards sway from white tee. Approaching shot to the green is wide open but be sure to carry over the guarding bunker at right.

    PAR 4 HS 13 BLUE 358 WHITE 32 RED 286 YARDS

    Hole 7

    HOLE 8

    Pro Tip : Drive to the right of coconut tree at the middle of fairway. Control the 2nd shot to center of fairway. Approaching green on 3rd shot by avoiding left bunker guarding the green.

    PAR 5 HS 15 BLUE 543 WHITE 511 RED 462 YARDS

    Hole 8

    HOLE 9

    Pro Tip : Drive to the left of bunker at right of carry over this right bunker which is about 170 yards. Try to avoid driving into bunkers at left which are three together and nearly 20 yards long. Approach the green by avoiding the right bunker and you will get a good finish of this 9th hole.

    PAR 4 HS 7 BLUE 428 WHITE 369 RED 335 YARDS

    Hole 9

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    Now you can enjoy your own private 2 bedroom 3 bath townhouse in Chiang Mai. This is great for families or two couples. You will also enjoy day trips to nearby famous temples, Doi Inthanon National Park, private long tail boat trip on the Ping River, elephant riding and visit hill tribe villages. Your English speaking Thai host will do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry for you when requested. You can eat dinner out or your host will cook for you. You will have a choice from a large menu of Thai or Western food. You can even cook with your host and learn how to prepare and cook Thai food. Your host will be available 24 hours a day sleeping in her own room at the townhouse. Click on the picture or text for details.

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    and thank them for providing such useful information about north Thailand.

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