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  • Long Tail Boat Ride Long Tail Boat Ride Long Tail Boat Ride
  • Chedi Luang Temple, Chiang Mai Chedi Luang Temple, Chiang Mai Chedi Luang Temple, Chiang Mai
  • Mountain view from Wat Thaton Temple Mountain view from Wat Thaton Temple Mountain view from Wat Thaton Temple
  • Eating Lynchee at our bungalow with host family Eating Lynchee at our bungalow with host family Eating Lynchee at our bungalow with host family
  • Novice Monks collect Alms Novice Monks collect Alms Novice Monks collect Alms
  • Chiang Mai Ancient Ruins by horse buggy Chiang Mai Ancient Ruins by horse buggy Chiang Mai Ancient Ruins by horse buggy
  • Visiting an Akha hill tribe home Visiting an Akha hill tribe home Visiting an Akha hill tribe home
  • Early morning in a Lahu village Early morning in a Lahu village Early morning in a Lahu village
  • Happy Lahu hill tribe children Happy Lahu hill tribe children Happy Lahu hill tribe children
  • Lisu Hill Tribe New Year Dancing Lisu Hill Tribe New Year Dancing Lisu Hill Tribe New Year Dancing
  • View while trekking at Doi Inthanon National Park Akha lady drying corn View while trekking at Doi Inthanon National Park
  • Family visiting hill tribes Family visiting hill tribes Family visiting hill tribes
  • Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital
  • Bungalow in Nationl Park Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Bungalow in Nationl Park
  • Shan style temple Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Shan style temple
  • Riding long tail boat Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Riding long tail boat
  • Float at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival Parade Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Float at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival Parade
  • Bird watching with expert local guide Visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Bird watching with expert local guide
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"real thailand -not made up for tourists"
Christine_madrid2014, Madrid, Spain

"Memorable Trip"
y0shi2014, Bedford, Texas
"Local tourism at its finest"
ngaireray, Bairnsdale, Australia

"An incredible 2 day experience"
robsK7379HK, Vancouver, Canada
"A different perspective of Thailand"
Robinson M. Halifax, Canada

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Name:Barry Styles
Email:Available upon request

All Thailand Experienced put together a 6 day tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai for 4 of us. We had to meet a Pandaw Cruise pickup from Chiang Rai. Randy gave us some great advice/suggestions based on our basic tour criteria. We really enjoyed the end result and visited some beautiful areas. We also like bird watching so he arranged a couple days of that as well. It was nice to get away from the touristy areas and into the remoter Hill Country. Payment was easy with paypal deposit and rest in THB when we arrived in Chiang Mai. Vehicle was immaculate with good aircon and Jackie the driver an absolute delight. And very safe as well. Guides spoke good english and were very well organised. In fact Randy joined us for the last few days and that was really appreciated as his experience of the area and Hill Tribes is excellent. Would definetly use them again when in Thailand.

Mountain views during the tour from
Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai Thailand

Name:Robyn Hinnant
Email:Available upon request

Great tour! Randy & Jackie accommodated our specific needs and adjusted our tour as needed to make sure we had an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended personal tour!

Here is the video of Robyn and her mother having breakfast at the temple with a spectacular sunrise while on tour with us.

Name:Anke and David and family
Email:Available upon request

WaterfallsWith just an e-mail to Randy at All Thailand Experiences he organized a one-day trip to Doi Inthanon National Park. With Roti our local guide, we discovered the water falls, learned the details of the rain forest, visit the local villages and enjoy the local food. A long day that we would recommend to any family with teens.
Learning how to weave

Name:Lennart Tange
Email:Available upon request

Mountain Top View

The 4 of us (2 couples) went for the 2 day jungle experience. The first day was great sightseeing, the highest point in thailand, a market and a 3 hour trekking. The scenery was beautiful, with lots of birds and waterfalls. Our driver, Jackie, was one of the funniest and benevolent men we met those days.

The food was great, the people were nice. Our guide that day, Roti, told us interesting things about the plants, with some good jokes.

Harvesting RiceWe slept in a fairy-like cottage with a view over the rice fields. The next day, the guys did a 6 hour trekking, which was a wonderful experience, Yoesay. The scenery was great, we ate lunch (packed in bananaleafs) while sitting on a rock in the clouds. I'm not a great sportman, So with the heat, the different and hard paths, it felt like a victory when we got back to the village. During our trekking, the women were showed around in the village. Seeing how the Karen people live and they helped harvesting rice, roasting coffee and making clothes.

Name:Pete, Julie and Gabby Kells
Email:Available upon request
Location:Halifax, Canada

Kells family at friends of the asian elephant hospitalRandy, the owner, was referred to us as we had expressed an interest in visiting the Friends of Asian Elephants Hospital, and doing some light hiking through Doi Inthanon National Park. Randy was quite agreeable, and allowed us to fully customize our two days with him. Having visited FAE before, my wife and I knew what to expect, however, our 7 year old daughter and three other adult companions did not. Randy has a real passion for the elephants, and it shows. We had a very personalized visit to the hospital, an not all tour operators would be able to offer this with the same level of passion that Randy does. After the hospital visit we returned to our accommodation, but not before a stop at a local jungle market and a taste of some rice whiskey. Delicious!

Day two was just as successful as the first. Randy and his driver Jackie collected us again in their clean, and air conditioned van and whisked us quite efficiently to Doi Inthanon National Park. Jackie proved to be a terrific driver, knowing the right routes, driving safely, and keeping my daughter amused with his origami animals he makes from the leaves off the trees. We met with our guide, a local Karen tribes person who took us on a great hike through the park and back to his village. It was a beautiful day, and we arrived back for some local coffee and a wonderful lunch. Randy has a special relationship with these people, too, allowing for a nice relaxed visit that felt less like a tour and more like an invitation into their world. the trek could have been longer, or shorter, but again, Randy is open to levels of customization that suits your abilities/ group dynamic.

In short Randy is the guy to connect with for exploring parts of Northern Thailand you might not on your own, as his passion, knowledge of the people and area, and willingness to customize makes for a terrific excursion.

We'll be sure to look him up upon our return.

Name:Christine and Alberto
Email:Available upon request
Location:Madrid, Spain

Christine and AlbertoWhen we planned our holiday to thailand we were looking for a jungle trip in chiang mai. Everything seemed so fake an really like a tourist bus "hop on hop off tour".

Then we found Allthai experiences and we got in touch with Randy by email. We told him what we were looking for (long journeys trekking through the jungle and very basic accomodation far away from the tourist routes) and after a few emails we had our 3 days trip planned. Thailand hiking and trekking

Finally it was even better than we expected.we went to a national park and Randy avoided the touristic routes and also the restaurants made up for westerners, he told us a lot about thai food and the culture.

Mountain viewFor the trekking we had such a nice guide (Jo) from an hill tribe village who helped us to discover the jungle, the plants and his culture and we did long routes for example to the tiger mountain. Jo was learning spanish with us and we learned thai with him:-)What I really liked is that they showed us the results from the royal project that helped the hill tribe villages to change from their occupation to grow opium to agriculture. So this is like it really is nowadays and not how tourists expect it to be.

So we really want to thank All Thailand Experiences and our guide Jo for this unforgettable "all thai experience". Hope to see you soon.

Christine and Alberto from Spain

Name:Pam and Talia Nordquest
Email:Available upon request
Location:Seatle Washington, USA

Pam and Talia at Thaton ThailandMy teenage daughter and I returned from Thailand a week ago, where we did a tour with All Thailand Experiences up north for seven days. I have nothing but high praise for this tour company. When I first contacted Randy Gaudet (owner), I was trying to decide which tour company to use and had many (MANY!) questions - which I had no hesitation in putting into numerous emails. Randy answered each email thoughtfully and completely, which caused me to ultimately decide to go with All Thailand Experiences North Thailand Tour

Our trip - centered around Chiang Mai and up near the Burmese border - was absolutely incredible. It's hard to believe how much we actually did Talia helps a Karen hill tribe ladyduring the tour. We accomplished and saw a tremendous amount, yet it never felt rushed or jampacked. I am convinced we experienced a side (and sites) of the area that most tourists never even begin to experience. What's more, All Thailand was totally flexible with our itinerary; when I sheepishly admitted that eating spicy food was not my strong suit, restaurants and meal choices were cheerfully changed to accommodate my tastes. When my daughter and I decided fairly late in the game that we did, in fact, want to humanely ride an elephant, plans were changed in order to allow us to do so.

Our trusty driver, Jackie, kept us amused with his origami birds and wacky antics - but he was a totally safe driver :) We actually had Randy as our guide a fair amount of the time, since our original guide had a last minute family emergency, and we enjoyed getting an ex pat's point of view on many issues. All in all, I think we received wonderful service and enjoyed amazing experiences at a fair price by using All Thailand, and I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to use them again. I can wholeheartedly recommend this company to others.

Pam with elephant Boonmee Pam feed Boonmee bananas

Name:Karla and Josef Schuster
Email:Available upon request

Karla and Joseph on tour with van Call us selfish. We're 2 professionals, late bloomers (age range 50-55). We want to enjoy our limited vacation time to the max. We recently took a 10 day trip Thailand sampler trip. We've done group tours before, but they're not for us. My husband would explode waiting on people that are late - and there are always some of them. Self-guided tours take too much research time, which you're already short on. And once you're there, you have to deal with the language barrier and hoping you don't get ripped off. For us, the way to go was definitely a private tour. We chose All Thai Experiences, and highly recommend it.

Because of our limited time, we only wanted to see what interested us. For several weeks ATE and I emailed almost on a daily basis trying to agree on an itinerary. Mr. Randy, founder/director, was extremely patient and helpful. With the almost daily changes in my proposed schedule and pricing questions, I think someone else would have sent me you know where. If he saw "holes" in my proposed itinerary he'd tell me why it could/could not be done, and offer alternatives. Not only that, when I added Phuket and Phi Phi Island, he said a guide was not needed there, could save us a few bucks, and recommended tour operators for different activities there. Our trip covered Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island

Once our trip began, All Thai delivered with flying colors. Their crew of local guides he works with in different cities. All the guides were very personable, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile.

Having lunchATE takes pride in showing their guests the Thai culture. Food-wise, the guides are told to use (clean), typical restaurants where the guide would normally eat, and to eat with us, not at a separate table like the big bus tours. All we knew about Thai food was what we see in the Thai restaurants in the US. We learned about spices that are served with the typical food, and how dishes are shared with everyone on the table depending on how they're served. There was always plenty of food on the table, and we got to sample many dishes we wouldn't have otherwise tried. When on our own, we still ate Thai food, as it was cheaper than Western type food. Pad-See-Ew, Pad-Thai, Rad-Na… and all kinds of curries. Yum!

We were guaranteed to see what was in my itinerary, but they were flexible enough to add sites if there was time, or if it was "on the way". In Bangkok, our guide took us around on pretty much all modes of local transportation, except motorcycles. We used regular taxis, private vehicles, water buses, tuk tuks, the metro, the sky rail, and lots of foot power. It was great to not have to have to figure out how much each ticket cost, standing in line, or haggling with drivers. She swiftly took care of all that so we'd be free to observe and absorb the culture. I had planned a packed first full day in BKK. Because we had come during a city holiday, our guide offered to split the full day into 2 half days. That way we could rest a bit first. Then she would show us some of the city so we'd be more comfortable when we were on our own, and we could see some of the sites without the normal crowds. On the way to the domestic airport to catch our flight to Chiang Mai, she took us to the white marble pagoda where she worships. Of all the ones I saw, this was the most beautiful inside, and there were hardly any people. Definitely no tourist buses around.

Karla and Joseph at Friends of the Asian Elephant HospitalIn Chiang Mai, we met the Randy and Jackie show. In addition to having the local guide (required by the gov't), Randy rode along with us, which we greatly appreciated because sometimes I could not fully understand the answers the guide provided. Still their English is a zillion times better than my Thai, so I can't really complain. Jackie missed us at the Chiang Mai airport as our flight was 15 minutes early, so we ended up taking a taxi to the hotel. He was so apologetic, it was almost comical. A really nice guy, he made us feel very welcome. He would stop on the side of the road and show us anything that he thought may have been interesting to us, whether on the itinerary or not, like some strange looking bird nests, stopping at the top of mountains where people leave amulets, do little magic tricks during lunch, and best of all, almost at each stop he'd make us palm leaf origami animals. I hung those on my Christmas tree. Randy would buy different sweets and snacks so we could try them. I declined on the sliced mangoes, but did enjoy a lot of the baked treats. In Chiang Mai we visited an elephant hospital instead of the elephant shows, where we got really close to the elephants. We also visited the Hmong Hill Tribe, where we had a really nice lunch with a delicious green papaya salad. I don't really like papaya, but this stuff was so good!

karen hill tirbe women The rest of our trip was on our own, booked with recommendations from All Thai. In Phuket we did the sea kayaks. These were a lot of fun, and the food in the boat was really good. It poured half the day, but that didn't stop anyone. In Phi Phi Island we stayed at the Holiday Inn. I signed up for their club, and got an upgrade to an oceanfront suite (this was during the off season).

So if you're short on time and are flexible, try private tours. It's really the way to go. And it wasn't much higher than a big group tour. Instead of waiting on others, they'll wait on you.

Thank you ATE for showing us the real Thailand and helping us plan our holiday.
Karla and Josef Schuster

Name:Stephen and Betty Goodie
Email:Available upon request
Location:Tucson, Arizona USA

We spent 6 wonderful days traveling from Doi Inthanon National Park to Chiang rai visiting hill tribe villages. We had a guide with us from Chiang Mai and everywhere we went we met up with local hill tribe guides.

The first 2 days at Doi Inthanon with Mr Boon our local guide was great. We learned about the Karen people who lived there and their way of organic farming and the Royal farming project. We hiked through beautiful forests near waterfalls and streams and learn about the different medicines growing there and see many colorful birds Mr Boon pointed out to us. We spent the evening in a clean comfortable bungalow owned by the villagers.

We then traveled to the Myanmar border where we met our local guide there who spoke all the hill tribe languages and even Chinese. Mr Dum is also Karen hill tribe and taught us so much about the Lahu, Lisu, Akha, Yao, Shan hill tribes and the KMT who came to Thailand after the Chinese revolution. It was wonderful to see all the different hill tribes in their colorful costumes working together on the mountain slopes and fields. Here we stayed in a nice cottage for 2 nights on the Kok River in a small town owned by a very friendly family, sorry forgot the name of the town.

The last night we stayed at a resort high in the mountains with a wonderful view of tea plantations. We visited the home of a Chinese General who once fought in the revolution, again forgot his name. It was like being in China as every sign was written in Chinese and everyone spoke Chinese. We also visited the tea plantation and factory where Yao and Akha hill tribe people did most of the work.

During the entire trip we never saw another westerner or tourist except at the summit at Doi Inthanon and a few places in the park but not on the trail hike or in the village. We saw another couple at the cottages near Myanmar but again none in the villages or along the way.

Before we entered any village we had a few rules we had to follow. We could not take our camera out of the vehicle until the villagers got to know us and we had tea with them. They had a few other simple rules that made good sense so we didn't infringe on their way of life, culture or customs.

The trip opened my eyes to a way of life I never knew before. Although many seemed very poor they were always smiling. Everywhere we went they were giving us bananas, other fruits and invited us into their homes for tea. We were even offered insects to eat and we said thank you but no. It was absolutely wonderful. My wife Betty agrees with me that it was one of the best trips we have ever taken.

For the trip we contacted All Thailand Experiences on the web. They custom designed the tour for us just the way we wanted. They asked us many questions and explained a lot about the hill tribe people and how we should behave in the villages. The food during the trip was excellent. We never had the same food twice and plenty of it. Our driver knew these great out of the way restaurants serving local food we would have never found and delicious.

We have traveled to several countries on tour but never felt it was worth posting on TA before this trip. I have to say this is not a cheap tour however the price was well worth the experience. I guess you do get what you pay for.

Stephen and Betty Goodie

Name:Alison and Angela OCallaghan
Email:Available upon request
Location:From UK living in Dubai
Teaching English to hill tribe children
Angela and Alison teaching English to hill tribe children

I discovered All Thailand Experiences after surfing the Internet and liked the way the website was put together. It was very easy to access, showing the many different tours available,as well as the possibility to customize your own itinerary.

I wanted to include some voluntary work during my vacation in Chiang Mai in Thailand for both myself and my nine year old daughter. One, I wanted to do some good for the community and, two I thought it would be a good insight for my daughter.

I completed the information form,via the website, and was impressed as to how quickly the response by the founder/director.

He suggested a private tour where we could help out at a local school in a Karen Hilltribe Village in Doi Inthanon, for two days, staying overnight in a bamboo bungalow. He sent me a detailed itinerary beforehand, which consisted of buying necessary supplies for the school, assisting the teacher, along with hiking in the national park with a local guide.

All my correspondence was dealt with immediately in a professional, but friendly, manner.

On the day of the tour, we were picked up,on time, in a lovely big people carrier, complete with AC. Randy, the founder, accompanied us as he wanted to take photos along with our Thai tour guide Ann, along with his driver Jackie.

Randy is an American who has lived in Thailand for over twenty five years and speaks fluent Thai. As a result, he and Ann are extremely knowledgeable about the country and we learnt so much from them.

His driver, Jackie, a Thai, kept my daughter amused with his origami, using bamboo leaves. and was extremely kind and helpful.

It was a wonderful trip. First we went to the stationery store to buy items for the school. Randy and Ann knew exactly what was required so that we could purchase the necessary items.

Afterwards we went to Doi Inthanon national park. They took us to a restaurant for lunch where the tourists don't go. I asked them to order for us and he we had the most wonderful meal.

Afterwards, we visited the highest peak in Thailand before going on a hike to a waterfall with a Karen hilltribe guide, who was very knowledgable of the area. They then took us to a local market and then we met some of the villagers.

We had a choice of a concrete A-frame or banboo bungalow. We stayed overnight in the lovely clean and comfortable bamboo bungalow, complete with a hot shower. The setting was absolutely stunning. We were cooked dinner by the Karen people, who are wonderful.

The next day, we went to the school where we donated the gifts. We watched the raising of the flag then spent some time teaching English to the children. Afterwards, we visited another school for older children and then did some more hiking.

It was a wonderful experience being with the Karen Hill Tribe people and learning about their culture and beliefs. The guides and driver were wonderful and did everything to make sure we were happy.

With All Thailand Experiences, you go as a client but leave as a friend and I will not hesitate to book with All Thailand Experiences on my next visit to Thailand.

Kind regards Alison

Name:Andy Milne, Grange School
Email:Available upon request
Location:Manchester, UK
Grange school group

Thank you so much for another job well done. This is the fifth expedition that All Thailand Experiences have arranged for us and, as always, everything ran as clockwork. In fact, I think that this was our best trip to date.

The upgrade to suites in Chiang Mai was a huge surprise and a real treat - especially after returning from four nights in the rainforest! Although, having said that, the students loved both hill tribes that we stayed with and wouldn't swap those nights for anything.

As you know, the students vote for their favourite parts of the trip and the top 5 are as follows:

  • 5. Thai food (I always love this, but it's the first time that it has got the student vote)
  • 4. Thai cookery course (a really good venue this year; very relaxed and considered tuition)
  • 3. Bathing the elephants in Mae Taeng river (this is the first time that we've done this - great fun and a fantastic photo opportunity)
  • 2. White Water Rafting (Wow! Wow! Wow!)
  • 1. (yet again) Our Thai guides (Lovely, lovely people - it's always a pleasure to be in their company)
  • I've got together with the students and have started going through the thousands of photo's that we have. When I get a chance, I'll put the best ones on a disc and get them sent over to you.

    I have started putting together the details for another expedition in 2013, very much in line with the one we've just completed, but with the addition of a visit to 'Flight of the Gibbon'. I'll keep you up to date with our progress on this. Anyway, that's it for now.

    All best and thanks again

    Name:Emma Kelly Family
    2 Adults, 1 Teen
    Email: Available upon request
    Location: UK

    I've finally found time to write some proper feedback about our trip in Thailand. Firstly, I would like to thank you and the All Thailand Experiences team for an absolutely superb holiday.

    We had a fantastic time with Nok and Amber and both chofers and thanks to their professionality and fun personalities we certainly had a holiday we will remember for a very long time to come with some great memories we will always treasure. We learnt so much about Thailand, the Thais and their culture from our guides who were both extremely knowledgeable and taught us an awful lot - far more than had we ever expected. We came home with a huge knowledge of the country, the religion, the gastronomy and the people themselves.

    The whole time we were with our guides (2 days with Nok in Bangkok, and 6 with Amber in Chiang Mai) we were extremely well looked after and everything was organised down to a tee! We did some amazing things, saw some wonderful places and met some lovely people - all off the typical tourist trail. One of our favourite moments, which we will cherish for always, was when we visited the primitive village and all the little children came running up the hill to greet us. To see how they live and play was undescribable , a very tender moment.

    The walk through the forest was amazing too, the cloud forest, the organic coffee, the river boat rides, the elephant ride, the restaurants we were taken too, which we never would have discovered otherwise, everything was just amazing and very few tourists seen. The guides spoke excellent English and were extremely good at what they did. We loved every minute of it. Thank you for organising such a memorable holiday.

    We would be interested in doing something again with you maybe next year, or in a couple of years time to a different country, so I'll get in touch if we decide to do so.

    Thank you again
    Emma and Cristian Kelly

    Name: Diana Rose and Mathew Brownlie family
    2 Adults, 1 teen, 2 children 7 and 9
    Email: Available upon request
    Location: USA

    We had a great time on the trek and tour with All Thailand Experiences and thought both Amphan, the guide from Chiang Mai, Jackie, The driver, and the local guides deserved a little something for their efforts so we gave them a nice tip.

    We learnt so much about Thai culture from Amphan and she went out of her way to make sure we had a good time (and were well fed...she obviously thinks we farang eat alot!). Jackie injected delightful sanuk into the trip, delighting the kids with his magic and origami: and he drove very safely on really pretty treacherous roads, so we appreciated that.

    The kids and us now have more interesting stories to tell...We will be back!

    Thank you Randy for all the planning, it was great.
    Diana Name:John Fuller & Sue Bolton
    Email:Available upon request

    We arrived at our home yesterday, after spending a couple more weeks in both Thailand & Cambodia after finishing the walking trek with your guys. We must say that all four of us had a great time on the trek, thanks mainly to the experience, skills, humour and positive attitude of both Pun & JJ. They should be commended for their approach, they not only catered to both Sue & I, but related very well to our 2 teenage sons. Please pass on our sincere thanks to them and thank you for organising them and our trek.

    John & Sue Name:Elizabeth Norris Family
    Email:Available upon request

    Want to let you know that we had an absolutely fabulous trip. Simply amazing. The rafting/elephant safari could not have been better. It was so amazing to be out there in the jungle, and see no one but hill tribe people for days. The guides were wonderful. Everything ran smoothly, everything was looked after. We couldn't believe the meals that they were able to produce from seemingly no where. Pat was very professional - we loved our bamboo cups, bamboo plates, freshly caught fish etc.

    The rest of the trip was great too. U Chiang Mai is a lovely hotel, with very helpful staff. Nice small size and we felt very welcome and looked after. Location was great. (only problem here is they seemed to have some sewer issues, the smell from the bathrooms was terrible, and would prevent us from staying there again.) This hotel was our selection not yours so we don't blame you for the bad smells.

    Highly recommend the Maekok River Village Resort which you recommended. Lovely rooms, great food, pool, scenic, and again very personal service. They are very involved in the Hill Tribe people - all staff are local. And they do many educational programs for international schools to interact with locals. Great work they are doing.

    Our driver Cawl was excellent. His English was not great, but he managed to show us all sorts of things on the road. Took us to many great restaurants, and was a driver we all felt safe with. Pong was also very nice. He was very willing, helpful, and looked after us in every way.

    All in all, this was a vacation we will remember always, and happily recommend. Thank you for putting together such a great trip for us.

    Elizabeth and family

    Name:Eric Herbert
    Email: Available upon request

    We all had a GREAT time on our 3-day, 2-night trek!. The trek with All Thailand Experiences was our favorite part of our spring break trip. We had a BLAST All-Thai was very accommodating and helpful for our group of 13 American students (which we split into 2 groups for the trek).My group's guides were awesome. They could both communicate with us well and were a lot of fun. The younger local trail expert was a big goofball and we had a ton of fun with him. They taught us some Thai words and played little games with us at night and whatnot. Also, it was really cool making bamboo cups and that kind of stuff. I heard that the other group also really enjoyed their guides. The food was EXCELLENT and we had PLENTY of it. That was awesome, especially considering that my group had 7 guys in it. The caves and waterfalls were really cool. The waterfalls (our group saw 3, were a great way to cool off and have some fun. Hiking wise, the first and last days were exactly what I was expecting (through jungle on narrow little paths and such). The second day was great because we were able to get tons of spectacular views and pictures, but the hiking was less intense. I am not disappointed in the hiking aspect of it because we got a good mix of both intense and great views. The villages were a great experience, as well. We had a good time at both of them, especially the second one (2nd for my group--the one with all the little kids) because we played with the little kids a TON. It was interesting to see a little bit of how they live and the condition/style of their villages. It was also nice that we did not end up being harassed by villagers trying to sell us things or anything like that. Overall, we all thought the trip was WELL worth it. Also, the help of Nui, the manager, who got us our train tickets and booked our hostel for the last night was EXTREMELY appreciated. Thank you for giving us SUCH a great experience. You will definitely be recommended to the group coming to Australia (and hopefully visiting Thailand) next year. I will put a review on the site, as well. Thanks, Eric

    Thanks again,
    Eric Herbert

    Name:Lauren Hollis
    Email: Available upon requestg in Japan

    A friend and I had a short time available for a last minute holiday and decided to come to Thailand. I contacted All Thailand Experiences and they quickly put together a personalized, private itinerary with just the right combination of activities for the time that we had available. This is not at all your run of the mill or cookie cutter travel agency. This is for those that want to have a truly authentic experience. The experience is worth every penny! They will listen to your needs and are always aiming to meet them plus more.

    We can't thank you all enough for taking such great care of us and giving us a great experience. Doi Inthanon park was so beautiful and our guide was awesome. The food was excellent and the best part- no other tourists!

    Thanks again,
    Lauren Hollis and Jill Vanek

    See the video of Lauren and Jill traveling with us

    Name:Francisco Raposo
    Email:Available upon request

    Thank you very much for the amazing 4 days in Chiang Mai and for the amazing tour opportunity. It was once in a lifetime experience and all i have to say is really Thank You.

    Everything was brilliant. The tour guide was an excellent professional and i guess i was lucky enough to receive all her informations. Mind you i was always asking for questions as i was very interested in everything.

    Best regards to all the team and maybe see you guys soon - im so in love with your country that i'm planning to go back next October.

    Thanks again,
    Francisco Raposo

    Name:Timm J. Esque

    I enjoyed my mini trekking tour. Thanks again for use of the binoculars. Here is something you can quote...

    "My All-Thai local trek and bird guide spoke excellent English and could identify every bird we saw, and most that we just heard. I was impressed. Staying in the mountain village is an enjoyable and educational experience"

    I really did like the mountain village experience. I hope I didn't question Boon to death. The driver Somyot was good company for dinner although he influenced me to put too much spice on my pad thai:).

    All in all, glad I made the trip and will try to plan further ahead next time. thanks for taking me at the last minute.

    Timm J. Esque

    Name:Barbara Drummond and family

    Location:U.S. Naval Hospital Guam
    PSC 490 P.O. Box 9011
    FPO AP 96538-1600

    Photo is the Drummond Family with our guide Lamduan
    at Doi Inthanon National Park.
    Drummon family with guide Wangduan
    We are finally getting around to sending some long over due pictures and feedback.

    We had an amazing trip and have already recommended All Thailand Experiences to several of our friends here. I think the highlight of our trip was the hike through the national park; the views were breathtaking.

    The guides and drivers were so friendly, patient and helpful. Please share the attached photos with them. They taught us so much about the Thai culture and shared their lives with us. It was a very special experience. It seemed they were always doing thoughtful things ...finding great local food from vendors and amazing local lunch spots by rivers. We really appreciated the vans always being stocked with water and snacks - that was a huge help with kids in tow. The arranged Thai massage in our hotel was a relaxing way to close out our trip as well. Our kids are still talking about riding the elephant and eating frogs.

    The accommodations were great. The one in Bangkok was incredibly nice and the breakfast buffet was delicious with all the variety they offered. We liked the Chiang Mai hotel and the breakfast as well. We would have liked to have more within walking distance, but the quiet setting made up for it.

    Overall, we found Thailand beautiful inside and out. We are still practicing Thai cooking at home - it just doesn't taste the same though. We miss all of the fresh ingredients.

    Thanks again for helping us make this trip possible.

    - Barbara, Brian, Eric, Bryce and Tyler Drummond

    Name:Andrew Mrugala

    I would like to thank you for an absolutely incredible trekking experience. We enjoyed our time in northern Thailand greatly, and will have memories of the hill tribe villagers an the jungles surrounding Chiang Mai for years to come. Our two guides were the best we could have ever hoped for and worthy of every recommendation given them in the future. Let them know that we appreciated their help and company immensely. Thank you very much, Randy, and all three of us wish you and All-Thailand Experiences the best of luck in the future. Sincerely, Andrew, Nick, and Andy

    Name:Linda LaVere

    Thank you very much for a fabulous vacation. Nok, Tan, and Noi were wonderful guides who took very good care of our group. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities and the hotels. I have never met such kind and caring people as the Thai people. This will be a trip we will never forget! I will recommend your company.

    Thank you again.
    Linda LaVere

    Name:Robert Craig
    Location:Manchester, UK


    Here we are, just home from an experience of a lifetime. It all started with myself, age 82, Wife 76 and Brother 77, booking deluxe, flat-bed, return business class ETIHAD (the Abu Dhabi airline) flights from Manchester to Bangkok and leaving everything else to Randy and his Team at All Thailand Experiences.

    Over the years, we have travelled the 5 Continents extensively and in some style, generally staying in the best hotels—such as the Danielli in Venice—sailing on the most exclusive ships—such as Hebridean International (the Queen's favourite)—or riding on the most luxurious of trains—such as The Captain's Choice (4,000 miles across Tibet and China).

    So it was with a sense of considerable adventure that we placed ourselves wholly in the hands of, particularly since their quotation was relatively modest, compared to the pro rata cost of our other recent travels.

    We needn't have worried a jot. Indeed the motto of the trip, jokingly, became DON'T WORRY. From the moment of our arrival to the moment of departure we were looked after on a 24/7 basis, even being loaned a local Thai mobile phone with the local staff numbers programmed in.

    It all started on Google, with me keying in tailormadeholidaysthailand then emailing a specification explaining who we were and what we wanted. Amongst other things I explained that although my wife and brother were active walkers, I had a mobility problem and could only manage a maximum of 100 metre walk, with no hills or serious staircase. By return came a welcome, and succinct, "No problem; we will put a wheelchair in the van".

    The "van" turned out to be a brand new luxurious 8-seater Toyota minibus, offering very comfortable accommodation for the 3 of us, plus the Driver (Khaek); Manager/Organiser/General Guide (Nui) and Specialist/Local Guide (mostly Nan or Nok), plus a very large volume of luggage, icebox, liquor store, wheelchair, etc. NOTE: The van was well run-in at the end of our 7,000 mile trip; the wheelchair was just about caput.

    Words completely fail me to describe the staff—they were each and all just superb in their work and hugely likeable in every respect. Everything, from the moment of our arrival at 8.00am for 4 nights at the iconic Oriental Hotel, Bangkok (listed as one of the "1000 Things To Do Before You Die"), to our departure nearly 2 months later—went like clockwork. There was huge, and much appreciated, attention to detail. For example Nui and Nok were at the Oriental to greet us and had arranged, despite the early hour, for us to go straight up to our spacious 3-room private suite (which came complete with butler) to freshen-up after the 15-hour flight from Manchester.

    The wheelchair was a huge success. It transformed the daily excursions, which otherwise would have been impossible, or hugely embarrassing due to my inability to keep up with the others, into exciting experiences, opening up a whole new type of very relaxing holiday for all 3 of us.. It was also a great help to my photography—(I forgot to mention that both myself and brother are serious photographers dependent on using heavy and clumsy lens/camera combinations). From the wheelchair I could easily manage my huge 300mm f5.6 lens, as we worked our way through the markets, etc.

    Of course I was particularly close to Khaek (the driver), as he was in charge both of the wheelchair and of skilfully positioning the "van" so I could photo from my window alongside his seat. His performance was amazing and, although he spoke little English, we got on fine. He, along with the rest of the Team, turned their hands to everything that needed doing, whether it was maintaining the icebox, finding a wine shop (most restaurants had either no wine, or a limited range at high prices), producing the corkscrew and glasses, etc—to repairing the wheelchair!

    We saw many wondrous sights, recorded on over 2000 photographs, including a superb picture of my brother stroking the lively King Tiger on our visit to the tiger temple.

    This was moments before my brother's place was to be taken by a tall elderly lady, dressed from head to toe in snow white and reeking of perfume. The unfortunate tiger, taken aback at this apparition, jerked its head round with a grin and a growl (as cats do) and laid a friendly paw on the lady's arm. Pandemonium ensued—I have never previously seen someone so nearly die of fright—the lady reeled back, to be quickly carried away by a hoard of onlookers and the poor King Tiger was subjected to a humiliating onslaught of scolding and admonishment that went on for 10 minutes. Eventually the poor tiger was led away by a monk. Unfortunately I was so intrigued by the excitement, I missed the photos!

    There were far too many memorable events to mention more than six! 1. The internationally famous New Years Eve fireworks display over the river, alongside the Oriental Hotel. 2. The sale of home brew Snake Whisky in a Hill Village in Laos, each bottle containing a complete small Cobra!— ideal Christmas presents at $2 per bottle. 3. Visit to a major wood-carving factory in Chaing Mai where my Brother and I purchased various amazing teak carvings, to be sent by sea to the UK. (Total cost about £2,000). 4. Eye-boggling exodus at sundown of wave upon wave of over 100,000 bats from some hidden cave, high up on the rock face, en route to the Bridge Over The River Kwai. (Another of the "1000 Things To Do Before You Die") 5. The superb daily Thai lunches, served in expertly selected, top quality, scenically situated, restaurants, with multi course banquets personally chosen by Nui. Thus each day seemed a complete and different gourmet experience from anything that had gone before and tended to become the high spot of the day! 6. The magic of the Golden Triangle Hotel, where one can sit on ones veranda and watch the river meander by, with Thailand down below, impoverished Burma up to the left and poor Laos over to the right—thinking of those far off days when this was the Opium Capital of the world.

    We could go on writing for pages—but why? You either have a love of superb weather and urge for adventure, coupled with the sort of cash that buys a business class air ticket, or you don't.

    Moreover, if you, or a friend, have the very slightest mobility problem, take it from my personal experience of " PLUS wheelchair" that a vacation such as I have had could open up a whole new horizon of relaxed adventure travel at no greater cost than a luxury cruise.

    Robert Craig

    Name:Ryan and Felicia Su
    Email:Given upon request

    Ryan and I wanted to thank you and all the guides and drivers for providing us with a GREAT experience! We loved our trip and had so much fun during those 15 days! Please let everyone know how much fun we've had and how much we've appreciated all their hard work, generosity, and kindness! We're so glad that we had a chance to meet and talk with everyone and we will always remember each person.

    Take care,
    Ryan and Felicia

    Name:Rex Sinclair and family
    Email:Given upon request

    We thoroughly enjoyed the 9 day jungle safari with white water rafting package you organised for us. Your guides safely took us out of our comfort zone. Pong, Gale and Lynn were delightful, enthusiastic company. The elephants were amazing, I had no idea what muddy steep terrain they could negotiate with us on their backs.. I have to single out one guide in particular, Chai who accompanied us on the elephant/rafting/hilltribe segment of our journey. He was truly excellent! his self taught English was superb and he was easily able to alleviate my wife's fears with a few knowledgeable words on many occasions. I highly recommend him for inclusion in any future tours you organise. Thanks again All Thailand Experiences for a wonderful time.

    Rex Sinclair

    Name:Raj and Jane Thomas
    Email:Given upon request

    We just got back from our wonderful trip to Thailand with All Thailand Experiences. We had a great time, the tour was absolutely fantastic and we would recommend you to our friends.

    Your recommendations were fantastic, the itinerary was great and the accomodations were wonderful. You, Ning and your people were marvelous. Thanks again and we really look forward to our next trip to Thailand with you. It is a beautiful country, and we really appreciated your agency.

    Name:The Shaw Family
    Email:Given upon request

    It has been a couple of months since our holiday, so I should have written this sooner, but life somehow keeps getting in the way. Anyhow, this letter is intended to allay anyone's fears if they are considering a family holiday in Thailand with All Thailand Experiences.

    My wife (Denise) and I travelled with our three youngest children, Abigail aged 15 years, Jack 9 years and Oliver aged 8.

    We all had a wonderful holiday with more interesting experiences than I can recount. Amongst our favourite pastimes were; Elephant riding, snorkelling, swimming, bamboo rafting and canoeing (particularly in the lagoons and caves), also I would highly recommend Thai massage.

    We loved the floating market in Bangkok and the jungle scenery in Chiang Mai where we had the privilege of visiting a hill tribe village. The temples were interesting for a few hours, but I would advise anyone with children not to overdo this aspect.

    The accommodation was generally of a very good standard, especially the hotels in Bangkok and Phuket, plus we loved the bed and breakfast in Chiangmai. The resort on Phi Phi was beautiful, but more than a few days would have been boring for us because there is not much to do unless you take sea excursions. The snorkelling really was excellent and the small islands, such as monkey island, were well worth seeing. If you can take the Seaplane Phi Phi Island - Phuket, the view is fantastic.

    The food was generally good and our children adapted to each menu pretty well. The bigger hotels tended to have excellent buffet menus, although you could find much cheaper restaurants in the local villages.

    All of the Thai guides and drivers that Randy provided for us were an absolute pleasure to travel with. The drivers generally did not speak much English, unlike the guides, but they were all genuinely kind and cheerful and were always eager to help in any way. When we went down South to Phuket and Phi Phi Island Randy came as our guide because he did not know any guides that he could rely on in that area. Unfortunately it was a time of great upheaval in Randy's personal life, but, despite his own problems, he remained professionally focussed on ensuring that our family holiday was not neglected in any way. All-in-all our Thai holiday was a great experience and my wife and I would feel very confident about visiting such a friendly nation again.

    Rob Shaw

    Name:Steve, Shallean & Joe Warren
    Email:Given upon request

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great holiday, everything went really well, and we are all happy bunnies.

    All of your staff and guides really were first class. Obviouslly when you book over the internet, we were a little worried, but no cause at all for that. If you ever want to give me as a reference to any prospective clients, please do so.

    Will contact you next time we come, and when i get a spare hr, i will put a good review on the internet.

    Thanks again

    Name:The Grange School, Thailand Expodition 2007, 41 students and 6 teachers.
    Email:Given upon request

    Thank you for everything you have done to make our trip for everyone so enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing ourselves taking lessons at the Thai cooking school on your web site. The jungle trek, hill tribe overnight stays, white water rafting and the resort (we had all to ourselves) stay in Chiang Mai was Awesome. The best school trip we have ever taken.

    Name:Jan and Bruce

    Well we just got back to Australia yesterday after having an amazing time in Thailand with All Thailand Experiences!! The weather was really hot but we prefer that to the rain which only rained the last day there on and off. Our three days with our guide Nui was wonderful, she is so full of knowledge and so easy to communicate with. Having her with us was the best thing we could have done in the way of getting around and knowing about the people and how they live. The hill tribes were an eye opener, loved staying with them, actually it did rain the first evening we stayed there after they served us dinner and lit a fire and danced their traditional dance then got us up with them, it was so much fun. Then when we were in bed the thunder and lighting started and the rain poured down, it was so cozy in our hut. Thaton was lovely, sitting in the little huts on the river having dinner was so romantic. The night markets were crazy, we did the Saturday and Sunday ones also. The elephant riding was good, in two minds about how they are trained, I hope it is with food rewards. The rafting was relaxing floating down the river. We couldn't have had a better guide than Nui with us. She filled us in on everything we wanted to know. Overall we enjoyed ourselves immensely with All Thailand Experiences and will definitely be coming over some time in the near future, thanks for giving us Nui for those few days, she was the best!!!!

    Kind regards Jan and Bruce

    Name:Bill Borkenstein, Oddesy Tours
    Email:available upon request Location:Cheyenne Wyoming, USA
    Date:24 March, 2007.

    I have had a chance to talk with Roger Schlosser, the tour leader about the recent tour of Thailand and I received very excellent reports! The group enjoyed themselves very much and I would like to thank you and your staff once again for everything you did to make their trip such a success! The group experienced so much of Thailand in such a short time and I appreciate all that you did to use their time so effectively. Again, thank you, All Thailand Experiences and Nui for all that you did for my group.

    Best regards,

    Name:Janet and Family


    Wow! The trip was everything my sister, her boyfriend and I hoped for. It was just us, a knowledgeable tour guide and a driver. We went at the pace we wanted to go at and saw what we wanted to see and then what the guides recommendations were great. There were no worries about parking or getting lost. We ate like kings and were treated to excellent service. When we were in Chiang Mai we had a our own host, a private chef as well as the guide and driver and the price was probably a third of what the travel agent back home quoted for a group trip--not a private one. We got to see exotic places, learn to cook incredible food, and enjoy the amazing beauty of Thailand. It was customized to the amount of time we had and tailored to activities we wanted to try. Would I do it again? In a heart beat, except maybe I'd check out what All Thailand Experiences offers in southern Thailand and the islands next time.

    Name:David and Lesley Knass
    Email: Location:Mellor, Stockport UK
    Date:13th Nov 2005.

    We would be very pleased if you could add this to your guest book.........

    We arrived back in the UK this weekend after our 3 week Far East trip. One of the highlights of our brilliant holiday was the visit to Northern Thailand and our 2 night stay in Doi Inthanon National Park bird watching. We would certainly recommend All Thailand Experiences to anyone wanting a similar experience.

    We originally booked a 3 week stay in Hong Kong with the intention of a 1 week side trip to Thailand which we left a little late to arrange - although in the end this was not a problem with plenty of flights and accommodation available. Having eliminated Phuket on this occasion from our itinery and wanting to include some birdwatching we then had to decide whether to try and book Doi Inthanon or Khao Yai. Coming from the Derbyshire hills ourselves in the UK it didn't take us long to decide and although we have nothing to compare we are sure we made the right decision.

    We had been in touch with another company having met them at the UK bird fair in but as they weren't available we contacted a few others by email and the most prompt and best response by far was from All Thailand Experiences (which even included a freshly shot video of the area). Although we arranged to spend 2 days first in Chiang Mai before our trip Randy and Ning offered to collect us at the airport which was a big help especially as it was latish and dark and had been raining all day!

    On arriving at Doi Inthanon we were joined by Boontom our birdwatching guide who not only turned out to be excellant at his job of locating dozens of species in the time we were there (virtually all new to us) but also had a wonderful disposition which made it a real pleasure to spend the time with him. He also as part of one of the walking trips took us to his (Karen) village which we were looking forward to and thoroughly enjoyed.

    Everything that you both did for us on the trip was great especially the excellant freshly prepared evening meals and the lunches out in the 2 cafes which included Mr Dang's which we had read about in several places. Lasting memories include starting the day with rice porridge Thai style prepared by Boontom and Ning at 5.30 am with dawn rising over the rice fields and after a full days walking with stunning birds and scenery finishing off with a chat around the log fire carefully nurtured by Ning. I'm sure you would have shared your beers with us too but I couldn't risk that- I think that was the only money we spent on the 3 days there - everything else was taken care of so well by you both.

    We finished off our short Thailand trip by doing the tourist bit in Bangkok which we enjoyed too but the best bit was far and away our trip to Doi Inthanon in your company. We had never used guides anywhere or birdwatched in the Far East before this trip (yes I know it showed!) and this more than fulfilled any expectations we had.

    Thanks again, friends!!

    Thank you for your lovely comments Lesley and David.
    I did a video of them at hiking and bird watching at Doi Inthanon National Park that you can view here.

    Name:Jonathan and Wendy Hoffman
    Location:London, England
    Date:Sun, August 8, 2004 11:23 pm
    Randy planned a two week stay in Thailand for us in July/August 2004. We cannot fault his arrangements, he gives personal attention to every detail. Thanks so much to Randy, Ott, Boon and the drivers and other guides.

    Planning: Randy was always quick to come back to answer our questions and tweak our itinerary as we wanted.

    Transport: this was excellent with Randy finding the best connections, eg knowing a Phuket/Phi Phi ferry that is up to an hour faster than the regular ones; booking a speedboat (to take us snorkelling and island-hopping from Phi Phi) that was sufficiently powerful and roomy to cope with rough seas in great comfort.

    Hotels: Superb. We would never have found these hotels without Randy's local knowledge.

    Activities/tours: Always fascinating. We had a great mix of education (Buddhism, temples), shopping, adventure (sea canoes, snorkelling, elephant riding) and at the end of our stay, relaxation in Ko Phi Phi.

    Food: ATE's restaurant recommendations are first class. Ott took us to a fantastic restaurant under the Pomelo trees for lunch near the elephant camp. Randy and Ning took us to a great seafood and fish restaurant in Patong Beach. We'd never have found them on our own.

    We will certainly recommend ATE to our friends and to visitors to this site and wish Randy and his staff every success with their ventures. We can't wait to get back, even in the rainy season (at first we were reluctant to travel to Thailand in August but it's fine – the rain, mostly at night, is warm and even quite romantic!).

    Jonathan and Wendy Hoffman
    London, England

    Name: Monique Engelen
    Location: Hillegom, The Netherlands
    Date: Sunday, August 10, 19103 at 03:59:35
    Last June 2003 we had the most wonderful tour of our life. My husband, our two daughters of 12 and 14 have travelled for 8 days with your company. We started in Chiang Mai, where we met our charming guide Ott and driver Nam. They first took us to Sukhothai, the old city. The next day we visited a hilltribe market and went to Umphang, near the border of Birma. That was the start of our jungletrip. We slept in nice cabins near the river and the next day we floated down the river for a few hours. In the middle of the jungle we met our three mahouts and elephants. It was a great experience to ride the elephants. We visited a Karen hill tribe village village and walked to the highest waterfall of Thailand. We also had a whitewaterraft-adventure. The food was great. All the restaurants we have been were good. Especially the restaurant in Mae Sot. We have never seen such a beautiful restaurant in our lives. Our guide told us a lot of the Thai culture and the Thai way of living. 7 people were taking care of us and we felt like a prince and princess all the time. They took care of everything. Apart from the guide, the driver and the three mahouts there were Rob and Jack (Thai Nationals). They did the rafting and made our camp. We slept in tents for three nights. They also walked with us and made the dinners in the jungle. They were really taking care of us, always looking if we want something. We haven't seen any tourists during our trip. I'm a travel-agent and I will recommend my clients to ATE. Thank you for everything and I hope we'll come again! Jos, Monique, Simone and Susanne Engelen

    Name: Mirna
    Location: Milan, Italy
    Date: Tuesday, March 11, 19103 at 18:27:16
    Hi everybody! First of all, thanks for this website:it's very very interesting! I'd like to go to Phuket this summer FOR THE FIRST TIME, in August for three weeks: is there anybody who can tell me something about climate, guesthouses, tour and so on?? Thank you so much in advance! Bacio M

    Location: ABA,NAIJA, ABA NAIJA
    Date: Saturday, March 1, 19103 at 17:59:07

    Name: M. Pittman
    Location: Calgary, Ab Canada
    Date: Monday, February 24, 19103 at 23:06:23
    Feb 24 2003 Randy Man how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that we were having the time of our lives experiencing Thailand. Unfortuantley reality set in when I woke up this morning in the land of ice and snow and minus 24C! We do however have lots of great memories and photos to remind us To those of you who may be waffling about going to Thailand due to the current world tensions -and I would not counsel you to ignore government warnings - don't let that totally scare you off. Our biggest scare was going thru US airport security! As with any situation common sense is the order of the day. By a stroke of good fortune we discovered this site and after some deliberation asked Randy to create an itinerary based on our interests and time frame. This turned out to be a very good move as Randy organized a tour that truly let us experience Thailans and did it on very short notice. There are many tour operations available and at first glance All Thailand Experience may seem more expensive than others. We have learned over the years that you get what you pay for. This is no exception. One fear was sending a deposit to an unknown "All Thailand Experience". This turned out to be totally unfounded. As promised our guide Ott and the driver Nam, met us at the airport in Chaing Mai. Over the next four days they proceeded to let us experience Thailand at a steady yet relaxed pace. Not once were we rushed with that familiar phrase of other guides "This way Please!" Our guide Ott was/is fantastic. Not only is she a wealth of information on the physical attractions and history of Thailand but is extremely intellegent when dealing with culture and the enviroment. When it came to eating, Ott arranged the menu - true Thai dishes - not the box lunches served to some tours which consisted of something akin to a banana and a piece of fried chicken - but a 3 and 4 course meals On one occassion she displayed her culinary skills by cooking for us in the kitchen. The other part of the guiding team is the driver Nam. Driving in what can only be described as "motorized mayhem" Nam proved to be a very safe, courteous driver. He also ensured that the van was clean, well maintained and stocked with goodies. Compared to some other drivers that scared the censored out of us we always felt comfortable & secure in his vehicle. On security; we ventured into areas that in any other parts of the world might be cause for concern. In all situations we were greeted with smiles and if needed a helping hand by the Thai people. Again use common sense. To Randy, Ott and Nam - Thank You for making this trip the dream of a lifetime and - to the people of Thailand - if you can handle it - we will be back! Kind Regards Marie & Mac Tamara &Dennis

    Name: Damon
    Location: New York, N.Y. United States of America
    Date: Saturday, February 22, 19103 at 11:57:43
    I had a very good experience taking Randy's private tour of the North of Thailand last June of 2002 – I did a week North Thailand / Hill Tribe Culture "Soft"Adventure, and Nature Excursion. Every day of my tour was just full of things to do and places to see! I had always wanted to visit the Hill tribes in the North, not to mention Chiang Mai city. The opportunity finally arrived when I decided to go to Thailand to visit some friends in Bangkok. After searching on Google, I managed to get a few tour companies specializing in those tours of the North. But after reading those websites, I narrowed it down to ATE - All Thailand experiences stood out as something I wanted to do. It seemed very eco- friendly and they just seemed to click with me. They even stated that they can help you make your own custom itinerary, which I liked. After contacting Randy, he answered all my questions in a very timely manner via e-mail. Originally I was only going to have a 6 day tour, but fortunately, Randy added a FREE day in the beginning of the tour for me in Chiang Mai, so I could visit the city's famous temples and the handicraft factories. I really wish I had the space and the time to write all the things that I saw and experienced on my tour, but the itinerary every day was full, ATE definitely gave me my moneys worth! My guides, Ott and Faa were very friendly and very helpful during the tour, I wish all Thai guides were like them! I had just finished a previous three day road trip tour from Bangkok to the Northern region to Chiang Mai with another tour company, visiting all the ancient capitals along the way. I thought it was an nice tour, and my guide was ok, but it was my very first Thailand tour, so I didn't know any better. So when I first met Ott, she asked me why I didn't chose ATE for that tour. I answered that had I known , I would have - I assumed that ATE was only doing tours for the Northern Thailand and the south Islands. I didn't see anything on the website at the time that one could create custom itinerary tour in that part of the country. But I know now! Since I was a single traveler, I was concerned about the price of the tour, the single supplemental cost, while my family and friends , even the ones in Bangkok, worried about my safety out in the north country, and with me traveling alone in a foreign land. I originally asked Randy if it was possible to pair me off with other travelers, but he managed to persuade me it to do a single, private tour, which in the end turned out for the best! I took my video camera and regular camera, and they were good enough for me to take the pictures that I wanted. ( But next time I am bringing digital! ) Anyway, my week doing the special North Thailand tour was so amazing, very flexible in the amount of time I could spend at a location or site. There was so many thing that they managed to cram in a single day, I was always busy, never bored! My guides even helped me find places to charge my camcorder battery, which I always constantly drained, with all the video of the sights I was taking during the tour ( For example, during my stay in Doi Inthanon Park, Faa was able to arrange for me to be allowed my the Rangers for my Camcorder battery to recharge at their Park Ranger Station! After the tour,I liked Chiang Mai so much, I even decided to stay in the city an extra three days! Ott was so helpful, she even helped me find a good place to stay in the old city, since I wanted to be closer to all the nightlife in the city. : ) One of my most memorable experiences during the tour was while visiting the Golden Triangle region on the last day of the tour. Ott surprised me with us our briefly visiting Don Sao, Laos during a speed boat ride on the Maekong River . It was great to be on the Lao shore side of the Maekong , waving at the other tourists passing by on the river , stuck together all crowded in their boats! ( That brief trip also made me quite interested in visiting Laos this year!! ) I also really enjoyed the visits to the Hill tribe Villages, especially the overnight stay at a Karen and a La Na ( old Chiang Mai ) village, which was pretty far from the road – Faa and I had to make our way thru the forest on foot to get there, which I didn't mind. Dispite the fact that I have hiked down the Appalachian trail here in the east part of America, I have to admit, hiking up hillsides in North Thailand feels so much different and harder, maybe it is the heat? I don't have to tell you that it pays to be in pretty decent to good shape for this kind of excursion! I was really glad that I brought both my video camera and my SLR for the tour, because I have amazed my family and friends back home with all the things I've seen and done in the North of Thailand. Images thatI will have for years, reminding me of the great time I had on this tour. This year, I hope to do a special excursion with ATE to the Northeast of Thailand and Laos! So if you seek a great cultural experience in Thailand , and memories that will last a lifetime, I highly recommend All Thailand Experiences Tour Company! Damon

    Name: Mitch
    Location: St. Cloud, mn USA
    Date: Tuesday, January 21, 19103 at 09:19:08
    I am interested in a 3 day hike, but am traveling solo. If anyone is interested in pairing up or allowing me to travel with their group, please contact me: I will be in Thailand Feb 4-25 2003 and am flexible during that timeframe. Thanks & happy trekking!

    Name: Patricia & Phil Tobin
    Location: Portland, Oregon USA
    Date: Tuesday, November 19, 19102 at 21:56:21
    First, I would like to say, that if you are looking for a commercial motor coach tour to areas filled with tourists, ATE is not the company for you. My wife and I have been able to travel often. We have been to Europe many times, the South Pacific, Middle East, Mexico, and the Caribbean. We feel we know something about traveling. All thailand Expirence is one of the best companies we have EVER delt with. We found them in the internet, and we liked the idea of a small company that would take their basic tour, and design one around what we wanted to do and see. We were at first cautious. The idea of sending a sizable deposit to a company in Thailand scared us. We hopped that someone would actully be there at our hotel waiting for us when we arrived. Sure enough, on day one there was Ott our guide. Decked out in her American Indian jewelry. She was fantastic !... We never had to think about anything. She handled all the details, from obtaining our rooms at the hotels, to ording our food at the restaurants, to filling our heads with facts and information. After the first or second day, she knew our taste and our needs and she took care of everything. She knew we wanted to stay away from tourist resturants, so she would take us to these places where we were the only non Thai's, with no English on the menus. The hotels we were booked into were outstanding, and in great locations if we were inclinded to explore on our own. The pace was vigarous, but not over done. The drivers (we had two in 13 days) were great, and we felt very safe. They had cold water, cold towels, and snacks waiting in the van for us every day. Ott is fanatic about food. She knows everything about every eatable plant and flower in Thailand. We would be driving down a road, and she would see some flower, and she would say "Oh, that flower is good for soup" or "that leaf is great if your skin is rough" We feel we virtually ate our way through Thailand. Her knowledge of Thai history matched any tour book you could find. She was just plain fun to be with. Our only complaint was that although her command of the English language was outstanding, her Thai accent was very strong. With the noise of the mini van and the air conditiong running, we often had to ask her to repeat what she had said, just because we couldn't hear. When we had to make a last minute change in the plans that required Ott to do some major rearranging of hotels, and elephants, and rafts, and meals etc, she took care of it without any problems. We can not say enough about Ott, and her ability to make this trip top quality. She loves her country and it showed through on every day of our tour. If you have any questions or concerns, we would be more than happy to tell you about our expirence with All Thailand Expirence. Phil & Patricia Tobin Portland, Oregon

    Name: Tom
    Location: Zeist, Netherlands
    Date: Sunday, October 27, 19102 at 21:42:39
    Hello, my compliments for your nice website! Best regards from Tom.

    Name: Michael Clayton
    Location: Toronto, ON Canada
    Date: Monday, October 21, 19102 at 12:41:41
    I will be visiting Thailand From November 16 thru December 4, 2002. My plans include a jungle trek for 2-3days and a southern tour. I'm travelling solo and this company has a minimum participation of two persons, so if you're looking for similar type touring, let me know.

    Name: Bob Larkin
    Location: Cedar Falls, IA USA
    Date: Sunday, August 25, 19102 at 10:48:13
    Our family of four just returned from the most incredible experience of our lives. How do you put all the beauty of a country and memorable experiences of the highest rating in to words? We owe it all to All Thailand Experiences. Trust them with their planning to get you to the unique and interesting places away from the tourist crowds. They have the capability to handle your personal recreational interests as well as your sense of adventure. I researched this hard before I booked and never found a tour operator that was as flexible or willing to give us the true Thai experience we were looking for until we hooked up with All Thailand Experiences. If you want a cookie-cutter tour & view Thailand from a bus window amongst crowds of people - go elsewhere. The eco-culture concept of this company is as interactive as you want it to be. After all - isn't that a significant part of the experience you want in a place like this? Our accomodations & food were 1st class. The guides and drivers were incredible. This is just the introduction. E-mail me & I'll write you the rest of the book or answer any questions you may have. Better yet: book the experience of a lifetime with Randy & see what I mean! Bob

    Name: giorgia
    Email: giorgissima

    Date: Wednesday, August 21, 19102 at 06:20:55
    Hi dear netfriends! I'm Giorgia from Italy! I was in Thailand a few month ago and I can say that this is the best country that I ever seen in my old life!!! I was in a wonderful village named "FRITTOMISTO" situate in south Thailand (Krabi - Ao Nang beach); I spent my time with the very nice village staff!! Here you can do a lot of very interesting things, for example diving, island excursion, take subathing in a white sand beach in absolutely relax!!dear friends,i wanna spend your holidays the best way is KRABI!HAVE A NICE TRIP giorgia

    Name: Bryan Thomas
    Location: Colo. Spgs., CO USA
    Date: Monday, August 19, 19102 at 05:23:01
    I'm currently in Antarctica and leaving in 6 to 8 weeks. I would like to do the white water rafting/elephant riding trip but will be travelling alone. If there's anyone out there willing to pair up or get a group together please let me know. The time frame I'm looking at is late Oct. to early Nov. Let me know.

    Location: San Francisco, CA USA
    Date: Wednesday, June 26, 19102 at 15:26:25
    Hello, I have booked a wonderful 2 week honeymoon with All Thailand Experiences, but unfortunately, my fiance and I broke up. So now I am here trying to sell it to someone else to enjoy. The dates are from October 29, 2002 to November 9th, 2002. You will go to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island. This is a private tour with just you, your guest, and a tour guide. If you would like further information, please e-mail me.

    Location: OTTAWA, ONT CANADA
    Date: Wednesday, April 17, 19102 at 12:51:56

    Name: Myriah
    Location: Baltimore, MD USA
    Date: Wednesday, December 5, 19101 at 07:55:05
    I went to thailand this summer we toured bangkok, kohn kahn, pattaya, ayuthaya, it was all so beautiful we stopped in hong kong first for a few days we went to and island in thaialand it was so awesome i would love to go back it was such an amazing place what an experience!11

    Name: Candy
    Location: Adelaide, S.A Australia
    Date: Monday, November 12, 19101 at 04:20:00
    Hi! I am a 13 year old South Aussie. Not long ago, I just came back from a holiday in Pataya. WOW! What a wonderful place! I loved all the beaches...oh I loved everything! The weather was hot though. When I first arrived in Bangkok (were we first went)..I was so un use to the weather, I had to stick my head in the hotel freezer (lol)! The people in Thailand are all sooo friendly! I don't think I can remember seeing one person who didn't smile at me! From now on, Thailand is my favourite place to go on holidays! I've oly been there twice, but I am dying to go back! Thailand is a FANTASTIC countrty and for anyone who has not been there, heres some advice: GO THERE! You will have the time of your life! Well gotta go! Thanks for listening!

    Name: Emilie
    Location: Orlando, FL USA
    Date: Friday, July 6, 19101 at 15:28:18
    I just read the info on your company and I got to the portion regarding the Padong tribe. I had been quite interested in visiting that particular tribe(as you can see by my previous email)but have since changed my mind. I was not aware of the atrocities that these visits create. I am rethinking my visit to the North. Thank you for enlightening me to the situation. If you have any suggestions for a 4 day village tek I would very much appreciate it.

    Name: Scott P
    Location: Seattle , WA USA
    Date: Wednesday, June 27, 19101 at 22:45:40
    What an amazing trip!!! This was a first class experience from the culture and historical significance of the north to the sun and white sugar sands of the south. If all you want to do is follow Lonely Planet's guide to Thailand, this is not the company for you, but if you are looking for something unique and exciting while seeing the real Thai people and sites, All Thailand Experiences (ATE) is for you. I use six key criteria to evaluate my tours and I felt that ATE met all of them (no particular order) to the highest level.

    Availability of Information - From the first email, a timely and swift response to all my questions made me feel more comfortable to who I was dealing with on the other side of the ocean. I was worried about using a Thai-based company but that fear was quickly removed.

    Tour Guides - Each guide knows the region they are showing inside and out. From the personal guides who look after every care you may have to the subcontracted help, ATE uses only the finest people to look after all of their clients (from the wealthiest to us).

    Flexible Itinerary - What is the point of a personal tour if you cannot determine what you want to see (both from the outset and and during the tour)??? Some personal tours just do the standard package tour by yourself, but ATE creates a personalized experience so you do not soon forget it.

    Transportation - The last thing you want to do is worry about reliable transport between destinations, but ATE has private, quality drivers to help navigate the rough waters while you sit back and relax. |

    Hotel Quality - It does not matter where you go, ATE knows where to find the best accomodations. For me, I appreciate cleanly and quiet and each place at which I stayed met these to a tee. |

    Food - With all the concerns of illness overseas, ATE quickly alleviated them with feeding us from freshly cooked food from some of the finest restaurants. |

    I would most certainly recommend Randy and his team as they will show you the time of your life. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again Randy!!!!!!!

    Name: Joe and Barb Lavigne
    Location: Kaneohe, HI USA
    Date: Sunday, December 17, 2000 at 20:28:49

    We just returned from the most awesome vacation we've had, and believe me, we've had a lot of them! If you're looking for the "real thing" then book your tour now. We spent time in Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai, Burma and the islands, and from the time we stepped off the plane until the time we left we were treated like royalty. I almost felt sorry for the "tourists" we passed a couple times along the way. Then again, it was their own choice to be herded around like cattle and dragged to the tourist traps. Randy, please let our guides Jesse and Noi know how much we really appreciated their services. They really showed us the true Thailand, and their hospitality was way more than we ever expected. As for the time we spent with you on Racha and Phi-Phi islands, we'll remember it always. The snorkeling put Hawaii's to shame, and the accomodations made us feel truly special. Please have any prospective clients contact me if they would like more information...there's just not enough time or space here to really share our wonderful time! I'm looking forward to my return trip!!!

    Name: Trevor and Terry Davison
    Location: Abu Dhabi, AD United Arab Emirates
    Date: Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 22:36:32
    If you want a well-organized, value-for-money, fair dinkum trek, that includes tours of famous historical attractions en-route, nearly 30 hours on elephants over 4 days, rapids that sometimes have to be walked around 'cos they're are a bit dangerous, great guides and very little chance of bumping into other tourists, then this is it. Brilliant! A momentous life experience! Thanks to Randy, Wasad, Joh, Mae and everyone else who contributed (especially the elephants and their drivers). Trevor and Terry.

    Name: Rita and Ken Nydam
    Location: Portsmouth, NH USA
    Date: Friday, August 4, 2000 at 20:49:55
    Went on the Jungel/Hilltribe tour back in May 2000. I have to say that Randy's tour company took care of everything. The only thing we needed to do was to fly to Thailand. After arriving, we didn't even have to think. Our guide took care of everything. We even had a change of itinerary and all was taken care off. I honestly highly recommend this tour company. Very professional, knowledgable, well spoken english/thai guides, no crowds to deal with, excellent food, great sites/attractions to other known spots rather than your typical tourist traps.

    Name: William May
    Location: Eagleville, PA USA
    Date: Saturday, July 15, 2000 at 11:56:05
    Randy, Thanks for a great vacation. We really appreciate all of the many details you took care of on our trip to Phuket and the southern islands. June and the kids particularly liked the deep sea fishing trip and the catching tuna; the elephant trip in the national park; and the many beauitful beaches we visited. The accomodations and food were great. We also enjoyed Jessie, our Bangkok tour guide. He offered great insite on Thai culture and life styles. You did a wounderful job in taking care of ALL the details and taking us to all the right places. Thanks again for a memorable family hoilday. I will not hesitate to recommend your services. And hopefully we will able to book a northern tour with you in the future. Best regards, Bill, June, Angelica, and Oiliia

    Name: thailife
    Date: Monday, May 22, 2000 at 21:58:02
    very nice!!!

    Name: Richard Lansdowne
    Location: Sydney, N.S.W. Australia
    Date: Sunday, May 21, 2000 at 20:14:32
    Hi, First time looker, can't wait, sounds very exciting.....Pitty there are no prices listed on excursions. Special hello to my fantastic flat-mate, Alexandra Read...could not have asked for a nicer person to share with, and hopefully travel through the jungles of Thailand with (on Elephant back) cheers Richard.

    Name: gordon reynolds
    Location: Thomasville , Ga. United States
    Date: Monday, May 8, 2000 at 06:05:04
    Ya'll need some more pictures but otherwise this site is great

    Name: Carolyn McGillivray
    Location: Kingsville, Ontario Canada
    Date: Sunday, April 30, 2000 at 06:10:24
    Just had to send you a note to thank you, Ot and Tanom for making our vacation the trip of a lifetime. Absolutely everything exceeded our wildest expectations. We are still pretty much in a state of awe and finding it hard to believe we really were there and doing all those things that our pictures prove we did! Every detail and every decision that was made for us was absolutely the most perfect option. Thank you again for working with me on this plan for so long and being so patient. I'm sorry we missed meeting you in Chiang Rai, but with the flight schedule as it was, we really didn't have a choice other than to return to Chiang Mai. I am already making referrals for your company, so please don't hesitate to add our names to your reference page. Hurry and get a tour going for Viet Nam as that is what we want to do next, and can't imagine a better tour company to book with. Best wishes to all, Carolyn & Doug McGillivray

    Name: Patricia Byrne
    Location: Dublin, Ireland
    Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 at 12:00:05
    Hi Have just visited the web site looks great, I also have submitted a personal tour waiting to see what comes back. Will be travellin in Dec00.

    Name: Bob Slizeski and family
    Location: Park City, UT USA
    Date: Thursday, April 13, 2000 at 14:17:53
    Randy, we can't say enough about all you did for us. We have travelled around the world and have yet to have as complete an experience as we had with your company. All of your guides were excellent. Yui was wonderful leading us all around Chiangmai. The evening with Asa and WeePah was like being with old friends. Having Asa with us as we met the people of the Lahu village gave us a very unique perspective into their lives. The jungle trek with Daam was probably the highlight of the trip. The evening feast complete with homemade utensils,pots,seats,and even banana leaf table cloth will never be forgotten. Ott's guided trip in the long-tailed boat to Chiangrai was as exciting as it was beautiful. And lastly, Jesse's tour of Bangkok truly felt as if had been designed especially for us. His enthusiasm was yet another highlight. Randy, all the arraignments, transfers, accommodations, and meals were flawless. I really appreciate all the coordination you did in working to match this tour to our desires. I've already given your web site address to 2 friends along with heartfelt recommendations. You run a very professional business that left us feeling like more a friend than a client. We can't thank you enough. We are already talking about a return visit to try out Southern Thailand. Please feel free to have any interested prospective customers e-mail us. Best wishes! Bob, Kim, Tanner, and Lacey

    Name: Victor
    Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 at 11:50:09
    Hi there! About a few months, problably september, I want to travel 'to the land of smile' If you read this, and you'll have some good info for me, for staying in Thailnd, please mail me. It will be my first time that I will visit this beautiful country, so I hope you'll give me a some places (and adresses?) for a nice visit & say. Thanks in advance! Dutch greetings, Victor

    Name: Frank Wissen
    Location: Neu-Ulm, Bavaria Germany
    Date: Friday, March 3, 2000 at 02:36:48
    Hi. Found You at last. Greetings. Frank. (Wassan)

    Name: ruhama koskas
    Location: hadera, israel
    Date: Saturday, December 25, 1999 at 10:48:19
    this is first time that i look in your site it is realy splendid

    Name: Tim Murphy
    Location: New York, NY USA
    Date: Thursday, December 23, 1999 at 08:46:55
    I can only say good things about Randy and his group. Every detail was taken care of and we knew we would have no problems due to language or culture. More importantly, we felt like Randy's friends or his personal guests, rather than his clients. We ventured off into areas where other tourists do not go. In fact, for three days straight, we did not see any other travellers. I know that the memories of singing Irish songs to Akha Hill Tribe women by candlelight will stick with me forever.

    Name: Sholynn
    Date: Sunday, March 14, 1999 at 18:34:05
    We only gave Randy a very short time to come up with a suitable itinerary that was in line with our project's objectives. But he was so helpful and very understanding, providing us with the utmost help in the necessary arrangements, from coaches, contributions to the tribes..... It has been a most wonderful and memorable experience for my group, all thanks to Randy. We will definitely love to come back another time.

    Name: John & Beth Platte
    Okinawa, Japan
    Date: Tuesday, March 9, 1999 at 02:07:27
    We found the web site less than a week before we were to arrive in Thailand, but Randy was able to put an itinerary together for us very quickly. We had Ott as our guide and she was wonderful. We had a private guide, van and driver, who were with us from picking us up at the airport to taking us back there at the end. Not only did they accomodate all our wishes, but they also added in attractions that happened to be on the way. We only had 3 days in Chiang Mai, but they were filled with lots of fun activities and interesting sights. Thanks Ott for being a great guide!

    Name: Tom and Dale Conlon
    Location: Seattle, WA USA
    Date: Sunday, March 7, 1999 at 21:38:46
    We had a great time on our tour. Being out in the van with Randy and our guide was more like having a friend show you around than being on a tour. We almost forgot we were on a tour; we were just comfortable and enjoying ourselves. It was easy to work with Randy by Email do decide which things we wanted to do, and then it was all wonderful, very comfortable, very well organized; in sum, we were really pleased! We also enjoyed Randy's GuestHouse recommendation, as well as some other recommendations for after our tour ended. I would highly recommend Randy and All Thai Experiences for a visit to Northern Thailand. Tom Conlon

    Name: Peter Wyborn
    Email: none
    Location: Manchester, England
    Date: Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 02:14:21
    I gave Mike and Randy one week's notice, and left it to them to organize five days in Chiangmai. They have surpassed themselves: I have played golf, did a day trip into the hills, went to the horse races, and partook of the local food and entertainment offered in Chiangmai. Everything was brilliant. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend All Thailand Experiences to anybody who wants to visit this part of Thailand.

    Name: John & Joanne Jasper
    Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 00:08:01
    Our tour of Thailand was both memorable and pleasant, thanks to Ot and your unique method of guiding. We felt not like touists, but like honored guests who had come for a visit. We were introduced to Thai food and how to eat it, and taken to restaurants off the tourist circuit which were outstanding for their settings as well as their menus. We were taken through food and clothing markets where ordinary tourists never venture. If we wanted to shop for anything special, our guide knew the best place and time to do so. When we were looking at temples and cultural sites, our guide took the time to explain the significance of the site any any special architectural features. We feel that, in the six short days we spent in Chiang Mai, we got an excellent introduction to the Thai culture, to the very exciting city of Chiang Mai, and to the surrounding countryside. Many thanks again to Ot, Mike, and Randy for this outstanding adventure.

    Name: Janne Pyykko
    Location: Helsinki, FIN Finland
    Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 at 03:10:07
    I had great time in Thailand to see the Leonid meteor shower in Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest mountain, on 17th November 1998. Lots of thanks to Randy and his staff -- for putting the ad in the Web, collecting the whole gang together, and taking the responsibility for the necessary arrangements, such as transportation, food, tents, hammock, and blankets to keep us warm during the chilly nights. My Thailand photos are now in the Web:

    Name: Bruce & Sara
    Location: Wheaton, MD USA
    Date: Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 09:04:50
    We enjoyed a perfectly planned bird watching excursion to Doi Inthanon from Chiang Mai with Mr. Dang's son. Everything went as scheduled and the birds cooperated nicely, gaining us many life birds. We will recommend AllThai for future Thai excursions.

    Name: Jim Aanstoos
    Location: Cary, NC USA
    Date: Wednesday, December 2, 1998 at 07:21:07
    Randy and his crew can do wonders, but even they could not control the clouds and the shooting stars. I joined an expedition organized through Randy to observe the 1997 Leonid Meteor Storm from the "Roof of Thailand" -- the summit of Doi Inthanon. He arranged for us to camp out in style at the national park there, and provided three vans and drivers (for a group of 10 visitors) to be at our disposal for the 3 days and two nights on the mountain. The view of the sky from the summit was awesome-- that is until patches of cloud rolled in just about the time the meteor storm was expected to begin. Here is where Randy's famous flexibility came in very handy, as we tested the drivers' patience (the Thai are indeed quite patient people!) having them drive us all over the place in the wee hours of the morning trying to find areas of good viewing conditions. We eventually did see many good meteors, but not nearly the show we had been expecting. The astronomers' predictions were quite a bit off in terms of the timing and intensity of this event. We washed away our disappointment in a big wade-in waterfall (whose name escapes me) that Randy took us to the next day. The fact that I had a great time and a memorable visit in spite of not seeing the main thing I came to see is testament to Randy's expertise in showing his visitors a good time.

    Name: Judy & Larry Sax
    Location: Jacksonville, FL USA
    Date: Sunday, August 30, 1998 at 18:46:42
    WHAT AN EXPIERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and I have traveled from throughout the world and with the assistance of Randy and his team we expierienced another ultimate vacation. I was able to go camping and trekking visiting the rainforest, highest spot in Thailand and the best rice soup "breakfast" in the area. At the time another member of Randy's team escorted my wife to orchid & butterfly farms, silk factories, cooking classes and excellent shopping. Our last day we did some elephant riding, while I enjoyed a Cohiba Corona Especial, and purchased some furniture to be crafted and sent back to us in the states. I truely feel that I have extended family in Chang Mai with Randy and his team. They take care of every detail allowing us to concentrate on having fun.

    Name: Richard Min
    Location: Boston, MA USA
    Date: Tuesday, June 16, 1998 at 20:58:27
    Attention Potential Thailand Birders!!! I just finished a four day trip to Doi Inthanon, which is, as you know, the premire birding site of Thailand, and it was awesome. What a relief it was for me to find All Thai Experiences. They offers the ONLY personalized and flexible tours that are able meet the unusally specific and often strange needs of serious birders. Moreover, their in-depth knowledge of the mountain and hill tribe people allowed me to learn and explore deeper in Thai culture then I could ever had on my own, while still meeting my demanding birding schedule. But wait there's more... All Thailand Experiences is the only tour company that has the inside connection with Mr. Deang, the resident birder on the mountain who runs the Birding Center. And as all birders know, nothing is more important than the most recent birding updates from the resident birder. Simply put, anybody who wants to bird Doi Inthanon with no worries or hassles---no matter your birding schedule and needs, should do it through All Thai Experiences. You will not have a better or easier inside track into both the birds and culture of Doi Inthanon. My highest recommendation for international birders.

    Name: Kevin and Sandra Mitting
    Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
    Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 at 08:49:43
    We visited Changmai during the Songkran Festival in mid April 1998. Children lined the road and threw buckets of water at more children passing by in pick-up trucks. Everyone got very wet and had a lot of fun cooling off in the hot weather. We camped in a pine forest and walked on a beautiful and little known track in the Dai Inthanon National Park. Our visit to some hill tribe villages had some personal touches: - we met Asa's father who played a variety of traditional musical instruments for us which he had made. - after being shown round a Lisu and Lau village by Asa's guide, Dom, we visited Dom's family in a small Karen village about 20 km away. His wife showed us some beautiful handicrafts which she and her mother had woven. We bought some to remind us of the visit. We rode on an elephant at a park where the elephants seemed to be very well cared for as they were fed after each ride. We were fed after our ride too - with delicious food as usual. We finished our tour with an 80 km trip in a long tail boat down the Mae Kok river from Tha Thon to Chang Rai. The trip took about 3 1/2 hours and some of the rapids were quite exciting. Our trip took 4 days. We saw a lot but were unhurried. Most of it was off the beaten tourist track. We didn't really feel like tourists, but rather more like holiday makers travelling with some friends sharing a Thai experience which was for us unique. Thanks to Randy and his team. Kindest Regards Kevin and Sandra

    Name: Michelle, Michael, and children
    Date: Sunday, May 3, 1998 at 00:02:35
    Randy and his staff showed us a fabulous time during our four day visit to Northern Thailand. They were sensitive to our interests and were totally flexible, which is such a necessity when traveling with children. On the morning of our departure for our tour, my husband found that he could not come with us until that evening. Travelling with the three children and touring during that first day turned out to be simple and very pleasurable with Randy as our guide and friend. Throughout the trip, we enjoyed the most important benefits of a package tour which include a knowledgable tour guide who knows the local language and who takes a personal interest in the local culture. But we also enjoyed the pleasures of a private family trip including the privacy of our own van, the ability to stay as long (or short) as we like at a site, and the flexibility of changing plans on a moment's notice. Randy patiently and knowledgably guided us through exotic hilltribe villages, tasty meals that appealed to young children as well as old, and expensive shopping excursions. Our children thoroughly enjoyed his company, just as my husband and I did. Our only problem is how to replicate our holiday in other exotic Asian destinations? Thank you Randy and staff for a memorable holiday. Best of luck to you in your business!

    Name: Anne & Kim Lessèl
    Location: Copenhagen, DK Denmark
    Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 at 12:50:39
    We would like to give the All Thailand Experiences our warmest recomendations. After having made the connection via the internet, we decided to let Randy from All Thai make a four day trip to the hilltripes and other places of interest in the Chiang Mai area. As proffesional photographers we needed someone to take os to places for "great shots", and we had the most intensive 4 days we could wish for our work. These people really know the country and the language, which gave us all the sites and contact with the locals, we could ask for. Thank you Randy for 4 perfect days! Kim& Anne Lessèl, Denmark
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