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"An incredible 2 day experience"
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This is Thailand's greatest flower show, featuring a parade of floats made with colorful flowers, beautiful Thai and hill tribe girls in traditional dress, a Miss Chiangmai Flower Festival beauty contest and loads of exotic plants and flowers on display.

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival this season is Feb. 7 - 9, 2020.

If you are intersted in viewing flowers from all around the world a trip to the International Ratchaphruek Flower Gardens should be in your itinerary. View the videos of the International Ratchaphruek Flower Gardens.

Also a trip to Doi Inthanon National Park for bird watching where all the trees are in full bloom should not be missed.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival Parade

Every year during the first weekend in February is the Chiangmai Flower Festival. The city is awash with vibrant colors ranging from the electric orange and lilac colors of the bougainvillea to the velvety blossoms of petunias in all shades of pink, white and purple. The strident red of the poinsettias, bought by many at Christmas and New Years, is echoed by beds of scarlet Salvias. Homes and shop owners alike line the city streets with colorful flower boxes. The sheer profusion of color that the flower festival and carnival brings to Chiangmai aptly gives the city its name "Rose of the North".

On all three days of the festival, prize blooms are on display at Suan Buak Haad near the city center. Every type of flower, miniature tree and orchid is put on display for the judges to choose the best of the species. Landscape specialists put on an elaborate display, which includes patios and waterfalls with exotic decorative plants and flowers.

The best part of the flower festival is on Saturday. This is when we load our lawn chairs and ice chest in the pick-up and head to D.K. Bookstore along the moat in the city center. We go there because there is plenty of parking and excellent coffee and pastry shops.

On the way we passed the flower covers floats, Hill Tribes and Thais in their traditional dress and uniformed marching bands all getting in line to start the parade. We had to leave the house before 8 AM as the parade start around 9 AM. Although it would not be until 10 AM until the parade reached us we had lots of fun eating food from local vendors, relaxing in our lawn chairs at curbside and watching the world go by.

The parade lines up from the train station to Narawatt bridge so the police close most of Jarenmuang Road around 8 AM. The VIP viewing stand is right next to the bridge in front of the Chiangmai Governor's home. The Parade route goes down Thapae Road to the Gate and turns left and follows the moat to Suan Buak Haad City Park.
hspace="5" vspace="3" The parade moves at a slow pace and stops several times so there is plenty of time to take pictures of the colorful floats, pretty girls and hill tribe people in costume. The people in the parade hand out roses to spectators lining the road.

When the parade finishes everyone heads to Suan Buak Haad where all the floats, award winning flower growers and landscapers projects are all on display. There are plenty of food stalls located in the park and in late afternoon the Miss Chiangmai Flower festival starts. The party goes well into the evening until the new Flower Festival Queen is chosen.

This is a great time to visit Chiangmai, as the air is cool and the evenings fresh and clear. If you want to see the festival make sure you book your hotels and flights well in advance.

International Royal Floral Exposition Chiang Mai Thailand Part 1 Video

Here is just the first part of many videos I took of the Royal Floral Expo. This video shows where to park, the grounds and entrance, map, Bug World and the first flower display and Thai natural plants found in the mountains. In part 2 we start to see the fantastic flowers on displays.

International Royal Floral Exposition Chiang Mai Thailand Part 2 Video

Here in part 2 of the Royal Floral Expo video you will see Thai Botanical Gardens, an excellent cactus collection and the beautiful grounds.

International Royal Floral Exposition Chiang Mai Thailand Part 3 Video.

Here in part 3 of the Royal Floral Expo video you will see Tropical Botanical Gardens, orchids and flower displays from many countries

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