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Advice when visiting hill tribe villages near Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Thailand

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Akha hill tribe village
Trekking to a Lahu Village Akha hill tribe home Lahu Children in early morning Happy Lahu Children Trekking From Akha Village Akha Women Sewing Dinner in the Akha Village Your Karen guide and his family Akha woman drying corn Crossing sream with Lahu villagers Akha woman offering free peanuts Karen ladies walking to their field Lahu Man sharpen his machette Pigs in front of a Lisu home Smoking tobccot  Lahu home Lahu women weaving Lahu woman washing her pot Fixing the roof of a Lisu home Building a Lahu house Mae Kok River Thailand

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A local hill tribe guide to join you is a must or better is a hill tribe home stay. Village customs and traditions must be strictly obeyed, only a local guide or host family knows as every village has different rules. Here are a few tips when touring or trekking.

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Please be careful with trekking operators that advertise new area or village. Most good eco-culture friendly operators go to the same area and villages year after year. They have an excellent relationship with them so everything is in balance and harmony so they do not need to go to a new area.

Learning to weve in A karen hill tribe villageMost hill tribe villages do not have handicrafts as they spend most of their time working in their fields. There may however be elderly women in the village taking care of young children that do make handicrafts. In this case there will be one home or area where handicrafts can be viewed and bought. No one will bother you to buy anything and you are not looked at as a major source of income.

Make sure you are not allowed to give candy to children or money for pictures. Fruit is the best option to give and can be purchased for around 25 Thai Baht per Kilo. Hill tribe children get candy any time their parents can aford it as it is very cheap but they never have enough money for fruit. Figure to purchase around 10 Kilos of fruit for a normal sized village.

Lahu Village tour near Chiang Mai Thailand Video

Nothing should be exchanged directly between the visitor and anyone in the village. Give your gifts or fruit to the village headman, elder or teacher and they will distribute it. They know all the children and make sure everyone gets their fair share. If you do this yourself or the guide the older children will take it away from the younger ones. Another trick is a child will run back to their house and put it away and come back for more. The teacher or village headman will not let this happen.

A village is a very communal place and what belongs to one belongs to all. Jealousy and hate between villagers can arise because one family or person received something from you and they didn't. It is true that many villages that are visited by tourists drop drastically in population because of jealousy. Most move away to a different village. Usually that of another family member who is married to someone in that village.

Happy Laku Children during tour with All Thailand ExperiencesBefore taking pictures during your village trek or hill tribe tour wait. When you arrive there will be lots of excitement so keep your cameras in your pack or the vehicle. After about 30 minutes and after the fruit has been given out things will settle back to normal. You will know when to take pictures when the children are playing, the villagers are doing their normal daily routines and you are mostly ignored. This is the time to take out your camera and take pictures. You will get much better candid shots of the villagers doing what villagers do. No need to ask or pay money for photos but take your photos from a distance not in their face. Your guide should know this.

Visiting hilltribes in North Thailand Video

Ask to meet your guide first. Talk alone with your guide. Find out how much your guide knows about the village as you can. Tell your guide you want to give candy to children and pay villagers money for photosand if he or she says no problem find a different operator and guide. Many tour operators don’t care about the well being of the villagers and will say yes to anything you want to do..

Ask how many persons are going on the trek with you and get it in writing as part of your receipt. Many people are told a small number later to find out there are up to 15 persons going on the trek. If they come to pick you up and there is more than what they wrote on your receipt when you paid for the trek get your money back. 6 persons should be the maximum and the fewer the better and a private trek is best. The fewer people on the trek or tour the better the experience.

Hill Tribe Home Stay:

Karen hill tribe host family
Karen hill tribe home stay host family

For a wonderful experience making life long friendships and learning local culture a Hill Tribe Home Stay is a must. The best areas for a village home stay is Doi Inthanon National Park and the small village of Thaton, both away from the normal tourist crowds.

Although both are with Karen hill tribes they are much different in what is available to enjoy. At Doi Inthanon home stay you will experience hiking in the cloud forest, swim at the waterfalls, learn to roast coffee and enjoy village life. In the Thaton Home Stay You visit other hill tribe villages such as Lahu and Akha, learn to weave cotton, visit the local market, cook Thai food then a private long tail boat ride.

Both are at clean comfortable traditional homes in your own bedroom, clean toilets with showers and all bedding is provided. In both villages your guide speaks perfect English and in Thaton your guide speaks all the hill tribe languages.

If you enjoy hiking and the outdoors Doi Inthanon is the one. For a more culture experience the village in the Thaton area is best.

Learning to weave during Karen hill tribe village homestay at Doi Inthanon National Park

Village 1, Doi Inthanon National Park Homestay

The Karen hill tribe homestay at Doi Inthanon is for those who want to explore the cloud forest and waterfall hiking with your English speaking guide. Excellent for those who enjoy jungle and forest trekking and at the same time experience Karen hill tribe life.. Read More
Family at home stay

Village 2, Thailand - Myanmar Border Hill Tribe Homestay

The Thai Myanmar border homestay is for those who want to visit several hill tribes and enjoy a long tail boat trip. Excellent for those who want to experience hill tribe life with your host Karen hill tribe English and hill tribe speaking guide. Read More

Overnight in a Lahu hill tribe village, Chiang Mai Thailand Video

An eco-culture tour and trekking operator will keep the number of persons visiting a village small. The impact of even 50 visitors a month in a village is devastating and should not be allowed. Some excellent operators take visitor to a village only once a week and then no more than 6 persons. They have many villages they can visit so they can take tourists daily to different villages.

There are areas where hundreds of trekkers visit each month to the same villages. In many villages in these areas the villagers will run up to you and try to sell you trinkets made in China as soon as you arrive. You will need to pay money for photos or make a purchase from them. Once you buy something from 1 you will be bombarded by several more selling the same trinkets. The villages heavily visited by tour groups and trekkers are mainly the Mae Teang and Pai areas.

Harvesting rice in the Karen village at Doi Inthanon ThailandSome want to visit hill tribe villages on their own and most of these want to spend an evening with a family in the village. This is not a good idea. You must know the culture and customs of the village and each village is different. You can do a lot of harm by just entering the village from the wrong gate. Many have gates for visitors and gates for residents and the villagers believe if you enter from the wrong gate you could be bringing in bad spirits with you. They will then have to spend money for a ritual to cast out bad spirits that you brought in.

If you pay money to stay with a family the other families will be jealous and this could cause unbalance and arguing among villagers. They also barely have enough food to feed their family and will feed you and not have enough to feed themselves. They do not eat the same food as Thais so if you bring food they may not eat it. They do not use fish sauce but salt and they do not eat the white pig but black pig. Also they do not eat their own animals, not even eggs. They purchase eggs and meat from other villages to eat as they will not kill their own animals so sell them to other villages. If you give them money for food they will have to travel a long way to the market and will cost them time and money.

If you are thinking of staying overnight in a hill tribe village it is best to do a Home Stay that is included in your trek or tour not in a large group trek or going on your own. This way you will be treated like family not an unwanted guest. You will be able to visit local markets, visit neighboring villages and cook meals with your host family. You will make friends for a lifetime while enjoying a wonderful experience.

Planting Rice at a Karen hill tribe village

If you would like to visit a real hill tribe village find a tour or trekking operator that follow the basic rules of Eco tourism in Thailand They can provide a local hill tribe guide that knows the culture of the village and knows the villagers like family or has family in the village.

Eco-tourism is not cheap so before you go out to find the best price for a trek or tour, first think about who wins and who looses on a cheap tour or trek. No one wins. Think about it.

Our hill tribe village photos away from the normnal tourist crowds.

Village photos 1

Village photos 2

Village photos 3

Written, photos and videos by Randy Gaudet Founder and Director of All Thailand Experiences and has been living in Thailand and helping hill tribe villagers and Orphan children's homes since 1989. Read more about the Author

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