Warorot market Chiang Mai during Chianese New Year

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Chiang Mai Thailand's Warorot Market

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One of Chiang Mai's most interesting and easily accessible markets is the Warorot Market, located several blocks north of the Night Bazaar where Changklan Road intersects with Changmoi Road.

Warorot Market is in the area named "Kad Luang". Actually this area is the location of several markets. Across the road to the east is Thonlumyai Market and across the road to the North is many Chinese shops where they sell dry goods in bulk.

The area of "Kad Luang" ,where Warorot Market is located is the real "Old town" not inside the moat and gated walls as hotels and guests houses would have you believe. Chiang Mai citizens lived near the river includunng the area across the river called Sanpakhoi. Sanpakhoi also is where the King's army was barracks to protect the city. Today the Thai army has a small camp ther and is also the home to Thai Boxing or Muay Thai matches twice a month on Friday evenings. The area inside the gated walls was home to the King, Royal Family, Palace guards and 72 temples with it's monks. Citizens were not allowed inxide the gated walls.

If walking, you will no doubt be distracted from your destination by the abundance of shopping stalls on the blocks surrounding Warorot Market. Everything from gold jewelry to tennis shoes dried herbs, insects to eat, fireworks, sweets and tailors along with cheap clothes for students on the upper floors..

During the Chinese Lunar New Year this is the place to be. The streets are blocked off from vehicles and lines with food stalls. The two chinese temples here are filled with worshipers. Chinese performers and acrobats desplay there talents walking among the people getting tips for their performances.

Unlike the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, the Warorot building is not marked in English. Look for the pedestrian overpass connecting two 3-storey buildings. Enter on the west side of the street under the overpass at the ground floor, or climb the stairs to go directly onto the second floor. Warorot rivals the Night Bazaar in size and variety. The ground floor is devoted to foodstuffs and produce. Photo Left: buying fried insects

If you plan to stay awhile and have access to a kitchen, this is the place for pickled goods, herbs, spices and dried goods (More of these, as well as culinary utensils, produce, meat and fish, can be found here.

Moving east across the street at the Tonlumyai Market is where you will find fresh fruit and the largest asortment of cut flowers to be found in the city. Every variety from roses and mum to cat tails and widows breath. Beautiful and colorful flower arrangement are in display and you can watch them make arrangements.

Clothing, handicrafts, beauty supplies, shoes, and anything else you could possibly be looking for aside from high-end electronics are available on the second and third floors. There's even a modest food court on the third floor where you can relax with a very inexpensive Thai lunch, snack or dessert.

The Soi (alley) next to Warorot market is filled with excellent priced textiles, hill tribe clothes silver jewelry, silks, hats, beads that are higher quality than found at the night bazaar.

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