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Read what others have said about their Thailand tour with us. Some have sent their photos that we have included. We have too many to mention all here going back to 1998 so here are the most recent.

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Name:Michele and Van Swanson
Email:Available upon request
Location:California USA

Hill Tribe Home Stay at Doi Inthanon

Our 2 Day Doi Inthanon National Park Hiking nd Trekking Tour with hill tribe Home Stay was great! Everyone was absolutely amazing. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Roti our guide and his family were excellent hosts guide and we were pleased with all we did together. Jackie the driver was a safe driver and very funny! He was by far the most comfortable driver we have experienced in Asia, and we’ve had some terrifying drives! Thank you once again, it was marvelous.

Name: Barry Styles
Email: Available upon request
Location: Australia

All Thailand Experienced put together a 6 day tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai for 4 of us. We had to meet a Pandaw Cruise pickup from Chiang Rai. Randy gave us some great advice/suggestions based on our basic tour criteria. We really enjoyed the end result and visited some beautiful areas. We also like bird watching so he arranged a couple days of that as well. It was nice to get away from the touristy areas and into the remoter Hill Country. Payment was easy with paypal deposit and rest in THB when we arrived in Chiang Mai. Vehicle was immaculate with good aircon and Jackie the driver an absolute delight. And very safe as well. Guides spoke good English and were very well organized. In fact Randy joined us for the last few days and that was really appreciated as his experience of the area and Hill Tribes is excellent. Would definitely use them again when in Thailand.

Name: Robyn Hinnant
Email: Available upon request
Location: USA

Great tour! Randy & Jackie accommodated our specific needs and adjusted our tour as needed to make sure we had an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended personal tour!

Name: Anke and David and family
Email: Available upon request
Location: Canada

Doi Inthanon National Park Thailand waterfall

With just an e-mail to Randy at All Thailand Experiences he organized a one-day trip to Doi Inthanon National Park. With Roti our local guide, we discovered the water falls, learned the details of the rain forest, visit the local villages and enjoy the local food. A long day that we would recommend to any family with teens.

Name:Lennart Tange
Email: Available upon request
Location: Netherland

swimming at a waterfalls

The 4 of us (2 couples) went for the 2 day jungle experience. The first day was great sightseeing, the highest point in Thailand, a market and a 3 hour trekking. The scenery was beautiful, with lots of birds and we swam at a waterfalls. Our driver, Jackie, was one of the funniest and benevolent man we met those days.

The food was great, the people were nice. Our guide that day, Roti, told us interesting things about the plants, with some good jokes.

Bungalow at Doi Inthanon National Park ThailandDinner at bungalows
Mountain Top at Doi INthanon National Park Thailand

We slept in a fairy-like cottage with a view over the rice fields. The next day, the guys did a 6 hour trekking, which was a wonderful experience with our English speaking guide, Yoesay. The scenery was great, we ate lunch (packed in banana leaves) while sitting on a rock in the clouds. I’m not a great sport man, So with the heat, the different and hard paths, it felt like a victory when we got back to the village.

Learning Weaving In VillageHarvesting rice

During our trekking, the women were showed around in the village. Seeing how the Karen people live and they helped harvesting rice, roasting coffee and making clothes.

Name: Pete, Julie and Gabby Kells
Email: Available upon request
Location: Halifax, Canada

Julie Family elephant Ploy
Julie Family elephant Ploy

Randy, the owner, was referred to us as we had expressed an interest in visiting the Friends of Asian Elephants Hospital, and doing some light hiking through Doi Inthanon National Park. Randy was quite agreeable, and allowed us to fully customize our two days with him. Having visited FAE before, my wife and I knew what to expect, however, our 7 year old daughter and three other adult companions did not. Randy has a real passion for the elephants, and it shows. We had a very personalized visit to the hospital, an not all tour operators would be able to offer this with the same level of passion that Randy does. After the hospital visit we returned to our accommodation, but not before a stop at a local jungle market and a taste of some rice whiskey. Delicious!

Day two was just as successful as the first. Randy and his driver Jackie collected us again in their clean, and air conditioned van and whisked us quite efficiently to Doi Inthanon National Park. Jackie proved to be a terrific driver, knowing the right routes, driving safely, and keeping my daughter amused with his origami animals he makes from the leaves off the trees. We met with our guide, a local Karen tribes person who took us on a great hike through the park and back to his village. It was a beautiful day, and we arrived back for some local coffee and a wonderful lunch. Randy has a special relationship with these people, too, allowing for a nice relaxed visit that felt less like a tour and more like an invitation into their world. the trek could have been longer, or shorter, but again, Randy is open to levels of customization that suits your abilities/ group dynamic.

In short Randy is the guy to connect with for exploring parts of Northern Thailand you might not on your own, as his passion, knowledge of the people and area, and willingness to customize makes for a terrific excursion. We’ll be sure to look him up upon our return.

Name: Christine and Alberto
Email: Available upon request
Location: Madrid, Spain

When we planned our holiday to thailand we were looking for a jungle trip in chiang mai. Everything seemed so fake an really like a tourist bus “hop on hop off tour”.

At our bungalow at Doi Inthanon National Park Thailand

Then we found Allthai experiences and we got in touch with Randy by email. We told him what we were looking for (long journeys trekking through the jungle and very basic accomodation far away from the tourist routes) and after a few emails we had our 3 days trip planned. Thailand hiking and trekking

Finally it was even better than we expected .we went to a national park and Randy avoided the touristic routes and also the restaurants made up for westerners, he told us a lot about Thai food and the culture.

Trekking on the highest mountain in Thailand

For the trekking we had such a nice guide (Jo) from an hill tribe village who helped us to discover the jungle, the plants and his culture and we did long routes for example to the tiger mountain. Jo was learning spanish with us and we learned thai with him:-)What I really liked is that they showed us the results from the royal project that helped the hill tribe villages to change from their occupation to grow opium to agriculture. So this is like it really is nowadays and not how tourists expect it to be.

So we really want to thank All Thailand Experiences and our guide Jo for this unforgettable “all Thailand experience”. Hope to see you soon. Christine and Alberto from Spain.

Name: Pam and Talia Nordquest
Email: Available upon request
Location: Seatle Washington, USA

View of the Mae Kok River in Thaton
View of the Mae Kok River in Thaton

My teenage daughter and I returned from Thailand a week ago, where we did a tour with All Thailand Experiences up north for seven days. I have nothing but high praise for this tour company. When I first contacted Randy Gaudet (owner), I was trying to decide which tour company to use and had many (MANY!) questions – which I had no hesitation in putting into numerous emails. Randy answered each email thoughtfully and completely, which caused me to ultimately decide to go with All Thailand Experiences North Thailand Tour.

Our trip – centered around Chiang Mai and up near the Burmese border – was absolutely incredible. It’s hard to believe how much we actually did during the tour. We accomplished and saw a tremendous amount, yet it never felt rushed or jampacked. I am convinced we experienced a side (and sites) of the area that most tourists never even begin to experience. What’s more, All Thailand was totally flexible with our itinerary; when I sheepishly admitted that eating spicy food was not my strong suit, restaurants and meal choices were cheerfully changed to accommodate my tastes. When my daughter and I decided fairly late in the game that we did, in fact, want to humanely ride an elephant, plans were changed in order to allow us to do so.

Helping Karen hill tribe lady
Helping Karen hill tribe lady

Our trusty driver, Jackie, kept us amused with his origami birds and wacky antics – but he was a totally safe driver 🙂 We actually had Randy as our guide a fair amount of the time, since our original guide had a last minute family emergency, and we enjoyed getting an ex pat’s point of view on many issues. All in all, I think we received wonderful service and enjoyed amazing experiences at a fair price by using All Thailand, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to use them again. I can wholeheartedly recommend this company to others.

Name: Karla and Josef Schuster
Email: Available upon request
Location: Singapore

Call us selfish. We’re 2 professionals, late bloomers (age range 50-55). We want to enjoy our limited vacation time to the max. We recently took a 10 day trip Thailand sampler trip. We’ve done group tours before, but they’re not for us. My husband would explode waiting on people that are late – and there are always some of them. Self-guided tours take too much research time, which you’re already short on. And once you’re there, you have to deal with the language barrier and hoping you don’t get ripped off. For us, the way to go was definitely a private tour. We chose All Thai Experiences, and highly recommend it.

Because of our limited time, we only wanted to see what interested us. For several weeks ATE and I emailed almost on a daily basis trying to agree on an itinerary. Mr. Randy, founder/director, was extremely patient and helpful. With the almost daily changes in my proposed schedule and pricing questions, I think someone else would have sent me you know where. If he saw “holes” in my proposed itinerary he’d tell me why it could/could not be done, and offer alternatives. Not only that, when I added Phuket and Phi Phi Island, he said a guide was not needed there, could save us a few bucks, and recommended tour operators for different activities there. Our trip covered Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island.

Once our trip began, All Thai delivered with flying colors. Their crew of local guides he works with in different cities. All the guides were very personable, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile.

ATE takes pride in showing their guests the Thai culture. Food-wise, the guides are told to use (clean), typical restaurants where the guide would normally eat, and to eat with us, not at a separate table like the big bus tours. All we knew about Thai food was what we see in the Thai restaurants in the US. We learned about spices that are served with the typical food, and how dishes are shared with everyone on the table depending on how they’re served. There was always plenty of food on the table, and we got to sample many dishes we wouldn’t have otherwise tried. When on our own, we still ate Thai food, as it was cheaper than Western type food. Pad-See-Ew, Pad-Thai, Rad-Na… and all kinds of curries. Yum!

We were guaranteed to see what was in my itinerary, but they were flexible enough to add sites if there was time, or if it was “on the way”. In Bangkok, our guide took us around on pretty much all modes of local transportation, except motorcycles. We used regular taxis, private vehicles, water buses, tuk tuks, the metro, the sky rail, and lots of foot power. It was great to not have to have to figure out how much each ticket cost, standing in line, or haggling with drivers. She swiftly took care of all that so we’d be free to observe and absorb the culture. I had planned a packed first full day in BKK. Because we had come during a city holiday, our guide offered to split the full day into 2 half days. That way we could rest a bit first. Then she would show us some of the city so we’d be more comfortable when we were on our own, and we could see some of the sites without the normal crowds. On the way to the domestic airport to catch our flight to Chiang Mai, she took us to the white marble pagoda where she worships. Of all the ones I saw, this was the most beautiful inside, and there were hardly any people. Definitely no tourist buses around.

In Chiang Mai, we met the Randy and Jackie show. In addition to having the local guide (required by the gov’t), Randy rode along with us, which we greatly appreciated because sometimes I could not fully understand the answers the guide provided. Still their English is a zillion times better than my Thai, so I can’t really complain. Jackie missed us at the Chiang Mai airport as our flight was 15 minutes early, so we ended up taking a taxi to the hotel. He was so apologetic, it was almost comical. A really nice guy, he made us feel very welcome. He would stop on the side of the road and show us anything that he thought may have been interesting to us, whether on the itinerary or not, like some strange looking bird nests, stopping at the top of mountains where people leave amulets, do little magic tricks during lunch, and best of all, almost at each stop he’d make us palm leaf origami animals. I hung those on my Christmas tree. Randy would buy different sweets and snacks so we could try them. I declined on the sliced mangoes, but did enjoy a lot of the baked treats. In Chiang Mai we visited an elephant hospital instead of the elephant shows, where we got really close to the elephants. We also visited the Hmong Hill Tribe, where we had a really nice lunch with a delicious green papaya salad. I don’t really like papaya, but this stuff was so good!

The rest of our trip was on our own, booked with recommendations from All Thai. In Phuket we did the sea kayaks. These were a lot of fun, and the food in the boat was really good. It poured half the day, but that didn’t stop anyone. In Phi Phi Island we stayed at the Holiday Inn. I signed up for their club, and got an upgrade to an oceanfront suite (this was during the off season).

So if you’re short on time and are flexible, try private tours. It’s really the way to go. And it wasn’t much higher than a big group tour. Instead of waiting on others, they’ll wait on you.

Thank you All Thailand Experiences and Randy’s staff for showing us the real Thailand and helping us plan our holiday.
Karla and Josef Schuster

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