Birds of Thailand Photos

Thailand bird list with photos

Birds of Thailand identification photos, location maps and habitat.

Every bird photo has a Thailand Bird Species Map showing Location, Resident, Visitor or Migrant Bird Species and residing altitude in Meters.



Wintor Visito


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Bird location for Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Dao and Doi Lang Thailand.

All bird photos were taken while on Our Thailand Bird Watching Tours.

Red Avadavat
Go to Page 1 Bird ID Photos:

Avadavat, Babbler, Barbet, Bee-eater, Barwing, Bluebird, Broadbill, Bulbul
Streak Eared Bulbul
Grey Bushchat
Go to Page 2 Bird ID Photos:
Bushchat, Bushlark, Buzzard, Coucal, Crake, Cuckoo, Dove, Drongo, Duck, Eagle, Egret, Falcon, Falconet, Fantail, Flowerpecker, Flycatcher
Scarlet-backed Flycatcher
Scarlet-backed Flowerpexker
Lttle Pied Flycatcher
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Flycatcher, Forktail, Francolin, Fulvetta, Grosbeak, Grebe, Harrier, Heron, Hoopoe, Iora, Jay, Kingfisher, Lapwing, Laughingthrush
Common Hoopoe
Common Hoopoe
Common Iora
Common Iora
Go to Page 4 bird ID photos:

Leafbird, Liochichla, Malkoha, Mesia, Minivet, Minla, Munia, Niltava, Nuthatch, Openbill, Oriole, Owlet, Parakeet, Parrotbill, Pheasant, Piculet, Pigeon, Pipit, Prinia, Redstart
Scarlet Minivet
Scarlet Minivet
White-browed Pickulet
Go to Page 5 bird ID photos;

Robin, Rockthrush, Roller, Rosefinch, Rubythroat, Shama
, Shrika, Shrike, Shortwing, Sibia, Spiderhunter, Starling, Stilt, Sunbirds, Swallow, Swamphen, Tailorbird, Thrush
Siberian Rubythroat
Siberian Rubythroat
Ashy Woodswallow
Ashy Woodswallow
Go to Page 6 bird ID photos;

Tit, Treepie,
Treeswift, Wagtail, Warbler
, Waterhen, White-eye, Woodpecker,
Woodswallow, Yuhina
Raddie's Warbler
Raddie’s Warbler

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