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James 4:10 Humble-Yourselves-Sight-Lord-He-Lift-You-Up
James 4:10 Humble-Yourselves-Sight-Lord-He-Lift-You-Up

Be Humble and receive God’s Power, He cares for you

Hello again, I’m Randy Gaudet, founder and director of All Thailand Experiences. Those who have read my profile know how I first came to Thailand and my association with missions and churches since 1989.

We use funds from our tours to help the needy, change lives and spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We teach about the Holy Trinity, Love and Grace because of Jesus Christ and to tell Christians they are free from the Law, sin and death.

At most churches in Thailand the old covenant law is being taught and that Grace is not available to you if you break the law. We are training pastors about the New Repentance as written in the Bible with help from Pastors Nathan and Saia Gonmei at Abundant Grace Church in Chiang Mai.

On all our All Thailand Experiences Christian teaching blogs I will point to scriptures and explain the meaning on the topic. As our mission is to reach Thai people we will then watch or listen to Pastors Nathan and Solila give a sermon on the topic in English and Thai Languages.

Today we’re going to talk about being humble using scripture. To live an abundant life full of Grace the Bible teaches us a lot about Humility and how it affects our relationship with God.  There are many benefits of being humble for the born again believer.

Many people misunderstand what true humility really is. Using Biblical scripture we will show you what being humble is all about. Humility is not degrading or lowering your self-esteem but a necessary action to release God’s power in your life.

James 4:10, NIV: “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

Everybody wants to be exalted. We all want to be glorified. Maybe we wouldn’t say so. Maybe we don’t feel it all of the time. But part of the motivation for living according to the world system is to get exaltation for ourselves. This comes in having the things we want, getting the respect we feel we deserve, or living in the comfort and pleasure we crave. God asks us to quit the world’s way of pursuing those things. Instead, He calls us to trust Him to exalt us when the time is right without trying to get that glory for ourselves.

1 Peter 5-6 Humble Yourself
1 Peter 5-6 Humble Yourself

1 Peter 5:6, NIV: “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

All of us long to be glorified. We long to know that we are significant and to have others know it, as well. That desire is not necessarily wrong. All natural human desires have some legitimate, God-honoring purpose, and a means to express it properly. In this case, we are made in God’s image, and He has built into us the desire to be exalted. The key to a biblical, Christian view of glory is paying close attention to what God says about seeking it. The Bible teaches us to quit struggling so hard to make it happen, and trust God to exalt us at the right time and place as He sees fit. He’s a good Father who loves us; let Him be in charge of bringing us glory.

Jesus showed us how to do that. Philippians 2 reminds us that Jesus is God and yet, when He came to earth, He made Himself nothing. Instead, He became a servant to all. Then, at the right time, the Father elevated Jesus to the highest position in the universe. Peter echoes that idea in this and the following verse. Why are we so afraid to put on humility toward other Christians? Why does it bother us to live in submission to other people? We are afraid of becoming insignificant, of going unrecognized, of making ourselves nothing.

As used in Scripture, “humility” does not mean weakness or self-hatred. It means a proper appreciation of how we are, in relationship to God. It means strength under control.
Peter reminds us that we are not humbling ourselves under the hand of our human authorities, including the elders in the church. No, we are willingly humbling ourselves under the hand of God. When the proper time comes, He will exalt us either here, or in the life to come, or both, to some extent. Our willingness to serve, to make ourselves nothing, isn’t a declaration that we are, in fact, insignificant. Our humility in service is a declaration that our mighty God can be trusted to give us all the glory and recognition that we long for when time is right.

1 Peter 5:7, NIV: “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

1PETER5-7 God cares
1PETER5-7 God cares

This verse concludes the thought begun in verse 6. Christians must humble themselves under God’s mighty hand, trusting Him to exalt us at exactly the right time. We must quit the work of seeking our own glory in order to accept the work of serving and submitting to others. Then, when the time is right, our God will use His mighty hand to exalt us.

These are words of great encouragement, and maybe conviction, for those struggling to submit to harsh human authorities. It speaks to those serving year after year with little recognition. It encourages those providing for others of limited power or value in society. Natural human fear tells us we are wasting our lives, we are on the wrong path, that our choice to serve in humility without obvious reward is evidence that we may be worthless, after all.

Peter writes that we should take that fear and cast it—throw it—onto our Father God. In fact, he tells us to take all of our anxieties, everything that worries us, and to give it to the God who cares so deeply for us. This is not a promise that God will fix everything which worries us. God is not obligated to follow whatever script we write for Him. It’s a promise that the mighty God will receive our worries, and care about them. He will carry them for us. He is trustworthy to handle them in the way that is best.

Peter’s words are a command. It is not God’s will for His children to continue to live under those burdens. Believing that God is mighty and cares for us should result in our regularly handing over our worries to Him.

Pastors Nathan and Salila Gonmei explain Biblical humility and how to walk in it in the 16 minute video below. This is in English and Thai languages so share with your Thai friends.

Author: Randy Gaudet

Living in Thailand since 1989 I enjoy sharing my experiences in Thailand

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